Dogs Reportedly Skinned for “Doggy Coat” Deserve Justice

Target: Daniel Cameron, Attorney General of Kentucky

Goal: Punish man accused of stabbing and skinning several dogs.

Four dogs were allegedly killed and skinned in a horrific case of animal cruelty. A David, Kentucky caller sent state authorities to the grotesque and disturbing scene at the home of Jonathan Watkins. Watkins seemingly brandished a hunting knife and wore blood-stained clothes as police approached. Upon questioning, he allegedly confessed that he had killed and skinned four dogs to “make myself a doggy coat.”

The disturbing incident began when police responded to a complaint by Watkins’ neighbor. The neighbor reported seeing what appeared to be animal skins hanging from Watkins’ porch. Watkins had also allegedly bragged to this neighbor that he had been skinning dogs. This claim raised the neighbor’s alarm because several neighborhood dogs had apparently gone missing.

After officers talked to Watkins at his home, the suspect reportedly admitted to stabbing the dogs through the heart. He also apparently claimed “there isn’t anything wrong with me making myself a fur coat.” This case of animal cruelty is reportedly not even Watkins’ first brush with the law. A few years ago, he was accused of shooting and killing his stepfather, but the charges were dismissed.

Sign this petition to demand the legal system do its job this time and punish an atrocious act of alleged animal cruelty.


Dear Mr. Cameron,

Several years ago, Jonathan Watkins—a man accused by eyewitnesses of repeatedly shooting and killing his stepfather—walked away from prison time because a judge deemed he “was not criminally responsible.” State legal authorities then refused to seek an involuntary hospitalization that could have at the very least kept this potentially lethal man from inflicting further harm.

Fast-forward to today, and four skinned dog carcasses were reportedly discovered on Watkins’ property….and Watkins allegedly confessed that he did indeed slaughter and then skin innocent neighborhood pets. These animals deserve justice. This time Watkins must not be let off the hook if he is indeed found to be guilty as it seems.

Please prosecute Mr. Watkins to the fullest extent of the law…for the sake of his alleged victims and for the safety of any potential future victims.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Floyd County Detention Center

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  1. Debbie Burr says:

    Please make this bastard DIE

  2. Margaret Kinlaw says:

    This pos will kill humans too. So nip it in the bud and make him have an accident in jail.

    • He Already did..He was aquitted of killing his step dad.. The charges were dropped reports say because judge said he “was not criminally responsible.” And personally I look at my cats and dogs as family, so for me they are equal to a human life. People say , he/she will kill people next…same thing to me, human life or animal life..

    • I agree with you, Margaret, whole heartedly. But, for sure let the law put him in jail. Those unfortunate dogs. I bet he has been abusive to his wife and children if he has any, and they are in grave danger.

    • He killed a human and got away with murder and continues to murder animals. Great justice system we have.

  3. This is one degenerate man who has no regard for life. He got off once before, but he has shown he can’t be in society. Killing four dogs and not showing any remorse and bragging about it. A dangerous man who needs to be in prison.

  4. Loretta Herrera says:

    What an vile, inbred, piece of crap. Looks like he has way more than just a single extra chromosome.

  5. This CRUEL prick looks like a dog himself maybe we should SKIN HIM ALIVE AND Make a coat for a dog thats left out in the cold. WHY is this PHYSCO MURDERER out on the streets. He belongs behind bars for the rest of his worthless life. What a piece of SHIT…

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    This ugly, sick bastard deserves the same treatment. Skin his nasty hide and make a “scum” coat out of him. What a disgusting monster this freak is!

  7. This is one disturbed SOB!

  8. He already killed his stepfather in front of eyewitnesses and the judge let him off without any punishment!?!? And now he keeps on killing!! Surprise, surprise! Our legal system is failing on all fronts, because the laws are already weak, especially for animal welfare, and the judges find lame excuses for all the criminals. Instead of making an example of the perpetrators, they let them off free or with a slap on the wrist. I do not understand their reasoning and then, of course, we have all these repeat offenders and copycats. This is unacceptable!!

  9. james waldo says:

    Please skin this piece of shit alive and use his skin to wrap up garbage, then throw his remains in a garbage dump. Amen gracias

  10. Initially, the law did not punish this cruel psychopath, now he is a serial killer. Authorities in Kentucky do your job and get this monster off the streets once and for all. Blessings to the poor neighbour and the owners of these poor animals, may you find peace.

  11. This POS doesn’t deserve to live amongst humans or animals. He needs a hunting knife put in his gut-less heart and skinned! Or a bullet through his brainless head! Get this POS away from society and any animal!!!

  12. Dispose of this sick bastard and NOW!!!
    He should suddenly disappear.
    No loss!

  13. This asshole needs skinned alive and that is to easy for him

  14. Lynn Krikorian says:

    What this sick MF bastard is beyond belief! Throw this SOB in jail to keep him away from all living beings! I hope he ROTS in hell forever! You sick ugly prick!

  15. A complete waste of space on this earth…put this man out of our misery please. Jail the SOB.

  16. Just stuff him!!!

  17. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    What a sick evil savage demonic barbarian!!! Please….feed these people to the lions crocs or sharks. Let the animals sort them out publically. Only way to stop these horrific crimes towards animals. NO prison…we taxpayers already overburdened having to pay for their upkeep in prisons. Must be stopped!!!!

  18. You can see the evil in him, a death penalty is the only decent sentence for him.

  19. Death penalty for this sick bastard,SOB!
    +RIP dogs, justice!

  20. Margaret Melnick says:


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