Success: Switzerland Tackles Mistreatment of Lobsters

Target: Alain Berset, President of the Swiss Federal Council

Goal: Encourage an end to the barbaric mistreatment of our world’s sea-faring creatures.

For decades, individuals the world over have debated the controversial practice of boiling live lobsters for consumption. Many argue—such as in this ForceChange petition—that crustaceans are sentient beings capable of experiencing the same pain as human beings. In recognition of this fact, the petitioners of this cause and other advocates believe that in the absence of eliminating lobster consumption altogether (a lofty goal), more humane practices  can be adopted that would ensure the animals feel little to no pain. At least one country has taken these concerns to heart. Switzerland recently adopted new seafood preparation guidelines and regulations that serve as a key starting point for the enhanced welfare of lobsters and other commonly consumed crustaceans.

According to the new rules, lobsters delivered to restaurants will receive more humane treatment beginning in the delivery process. Instead of the typically icy water that most packaged lobsters must endure, the crustaceans can now rest in a more natural and acclimated habitat during delivery. Before the animals are prepared for consumption, they must first be stunned or otherwise made incapable of experiencing pain. This essential first step is significant for our cause because it marks another national government’s tacit acknowledgement that these animals are in fact sentient beings. The move also marks an important transformation in Switzerland’s overall animal welfare policies, which also now encompass tougher penalties for puppy farming organizations and more accountability for public showings that prominently feature animals.

Sign this petition to encourage the Swiss government’s forward progression on animal rights issues and affirm the hope that this momentum will continue well into the future.


Dear Mr. Berset,

More scientific studies by the day back the increasingly fact-based belief that all animals can and do experience pain. When your country rescued a 100-plus-year-old lobster from untimely death, this moment perfectly encapsulated the positive strides Switzerland has made in its commitment to animal welfare.

Your new policies that will hopefully begin in March—and most especially your policy to ensure minimal distress and maximum comfort for lobsters prepared at restaurants—speaks strongly to this steadfast dedication. Please do not cease in setting a positive standard not only for your country but for the rest of the world.

Continue thoughtfully crafting, improving, and implementing promising ideas that can better the lives of animals and better the people who share the same world.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Vera Kratoch

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  1. aBOUT FRICKIN TIME!!¬!!! If you have to eat animals, there is no need to be a sadist about it.

  2. There is no limit to the selfishness and deliberate ignorance of humans.
    HOW CAN THROWING SENSIENT BEINGS INTO BOILING WATER NOT CAUSE EXCCRUCIATING PAIN???? And then we want to believe that the SCREAMS of the lobsters is “just air excaping from their shells”. . . how convenient for those who can’t relate to pain other than their own. No doubt there is a mutant strain among humans who are capable of this torture.

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