Justice for Puppy Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit

Target: Scott Kolody, Commanding Officer of the Manitoba RCMP

Goal: Find and punish children accused of throwing a dog into a fire.

Police are looking for the people responsible for throwing a dog into a fire pit, causing severe burns. According to Katie Powell, founder of Save a Dog Network Canada, a group of children took the dog, an 8-month-old puppy named Polo, and threw him into a fire pit in Red Sucker Lake First Nation, Manitoba. She went on to say that Polo “came home with smoke bubbling from his nose. He had second degree burns on anything that wasn’t covered in fur.”

The poor dog had patches of fur missing as well as some blisters. Some of the dog’s fur melted into his skin, causing lesions. His nose, paws, mouth, and other areas were raw and severely damaged, and his eyes were left with ulcers from smoke damage. Investigators say that the pup’s fur saved his life — if he had a shorter coat, he would have died.

Fortunately, he survived the ordeal and is now recovering at the Tuxedo Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. RCMP are currently investigating, but have not made any arrests. Rights group PETA is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who comes forward with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible.

This act was blatantly cruel and could have resulted in the death of this innocent animal. Because of this cruelty, Polo will suffer for a long time, and may have lifelong disabilities. Sign the petition below to demand that the people responsible for this horrendous act are punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. Kolody,

A dog was recently thrown into a fire pit, allegedly by a group of children. The dog suffered severe burns to his entire body, particularly his eyes, nose, mouth, paws, and testicles. Investigators say that he would have died if he had a short coat — his fur protected him from a lot of damage but also melted into his skin, causing lesions.

This horrendous act caused extreme suffering to an innocent animal, and could even result in disability or chronic pain for the rest of Polo’s life. We, the undersigned, ask that you work hard to find and punish the people responsible for this heartless act of cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Katie Powell

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  1. Bear de Mel says:

    Where were the parents of these horrible children? Where were the owners of the little puppy who was left alone , leaving him open to the abuse he received?

  2. Judith Weber says:

    Parents and the children, when they are discovered, MUST be exposed, embarrassed, put on Television as a human interest in animal cruelty and the destruction of a morale society. Additionally, the parents need to be on an international internet support Watchlist of Animal Abusers. This is severely heinous action, it is like an infection that if not snuffed out, it will destroy the society. Also, it is fearful that if these persons are not discovered and punished, social deviants, stemming from children acting out will develop. Big and more severe acts of cruelty to come. Domestic abuse, child abuse, rape, pedophilia.. and more. So very, very sad. Good good persons who are saving this puppy.

  3. lynn woods says:

    find these brats and put them away what kind of people allow their children to even think of doing such a thing the poor baby The police need to find them because they’ll do it again maybe even to a child next who knows

  4. Kari McCauley says:

    If they know it’s kids then someone saw something. Then How do they not know who did it. Doesn’t make sense.

  5. Many of the world’s most heinous violent criminals got their start torturing or killing animals!!!

  6. Who ever did this terrible crime needs to be found and punished. If they were children they need counseling before they turn to another child who they may not like. They are serial killers in the making. Please find them soon. Someone out there knows who this innocent puppy belonged to. They need serious charges.

  7. Erzsebet Osz says:

    Serial killers in training!!!

  8. All those kids should be thrown into a big fire just like they did to that poor sweet dog. See what it feels like. Since that won’t happen, charge them as adults and all go to jail for a minimum of 5 years. And each kid (their family) fined $100,000 and never be allowed to ever own any animal for the rest of their lives. Not even a fish.

  9. Ronald Leach says:

    This is the sickest story I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot.. I rescue my dogs from Cane Corso Rescue, and this story about Polo, makes me feel sick.. I hope these kids are found and charged as adults… Absolutely sickening what they did..

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