Dog Found Starving in ‘House of Horrors’ Deserves Justice

Target: Bruce Colton, State’s Attorney for St. Lucie County, Florida

Goal: Demand that the person accused of starving and denying medical care to a dog named Nikki, leading to the amputation of Nikki’s leg, faces the maximum penalty if found guilty.

A dog named Nikki was allegedly denied medical care and starved nearly to death. She was reportedly covered in sores and missing a paw when found by police. Demand that justice is served for innocent Nikki.

“It was obviously just a house of horrors knowing that she wasn’t provided food, water, basic necessities that she needed,” stated David Lynch, the spokesman for the Humane Society of St. Lucie County. Per veterinarians, the pit mix was starved to the point where she only weighed 20 pounds and had no body fat. Her leg will have to be amputated because one of her paws was reportedly only a stub, which made it difficult for her to walk.

The dog was taken to the Humane Society of St. Lucie and given medical care. The dog’s owner, was charged with animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that Hedgepeth receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear State’s Attorney Colton,

A dog named Nikki was reportedly starved and neglected nearly to the point of death. The dog was reportedly so emaciated that her ribs showed through her skin and sores covered most of her body. We demand that justice is served for this innocent dog.

“Every day must have been a complete struggle for her just to survive,” stated Lynch. Per reports, the dog’s back paw was only a stub and infected. Veterinarians aren’t sure how her paw got to be that way or how long she had to suffer with the painful deformity.

This horrific abuse cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case, if the owner is found guilty of this tragic abuse.


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  1. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I hope this bitch rots in hell❗️?
    Signed & Shared?

  2. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Everyone here knows it was a female who perpetrated this horrible act of cruelty. I didn’t know until I read the comments, Apparently this petition site doesn’t give details, so you must have found it on Facebook. So yet another member of the so-called nurturing gender is an animal torturer. I agree with all of you, and say she needs to be starved to death, after having perhaps a few fingers or a hand cut off. The bitch deserves nothing less.

    • Ingrid Sternberg Sternberg says:

      I agree with you Marilyn. Why did she take this dog in the first place? This person is the lowest scum on this earth.

  3. Debra Ciolli says:

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE For this, & I’m SO Disgusted at seeing it, knowing it & being UP FRONT & Personal with it, for all TOO many DECADES. Here in Brevard County Florida at least people DO have the KIBBLE Kitchen which will IF THEY “QUALIFY” & Are NOT Breeding their ANIMALS, receive a once a month FREE FOOD for whether they have Dogs, Cats, Puppies or Kittens, & they’ve been doing this Monthly Distribution for years now. We know, we’ve been Donating to them for the past 4 1/2 years o& there are many more who do the SAME. They are Truly a hands ON, & they do it RIGHT. This saves many animals from going hungry, & they don’t have to DROP off at the SHELTER For lack of being able to FEED THEM. But, sadly this is NOT A franchise, although I Sure Wish it WAS IN EVERY COUNTY. They are strictly a 501 I believe, & Must have the Donations to be able to feed these animals monthly. They are also fortunate enough to have a place that Donates where the Food donations are dropped off & a place to do the Distribution to give the Food Out every MONTH. However, they also take Monetary Donations. I Truly Hope some DAY Every County will have ONE of these, although some Counties are so large, they’d require more than ONE. But this HELPS A LOT. It’s like a FOOD PANTRY For the Animals. SO, again, there’s usually some kind of Serious disfunction going on when situations like this ONE happens because it’s all too common, & Usually involves some addiction. Even if they cannot AFFORD to buy the FOOD, they sadly can always FIND A SHELTER, not that THAT means their animals won’t be PUT TO DEATH for lack of TIME for a NEW & Hopefully FOREVER HOME..But, they would NOT STARVE slowly, like back in 2008 here in brevard in Cocoa fl a SICK POS named Christine ABRAMS left her 3 legged White German Shepherd Named..”ELLA” to not just starve to death, but to be LEFT IN HER CAGE, just because her NEW ROOMATE SHE HAD TO MOVE IN WITH, since she’s obvious a LOSER, didn’t want this ABRAMS “THING” LEFT the poor dog that had already in her SHORT 2 Lousy years of EXISTANCE, Since that’s NOT A LIFE, from a former ABUSER, she’d Lost her leg, was rescued?? From this POS who DID Stand TRIAL IN Brevard County but JUSTICE was NOT SERVED when all she Served were a couple of weeks, IF THAT. She left that poor TRUSTING DOG who’d been HER BEST FRIEND, in a cold no lights no water, no food, YET THE FOOD WAS NEAR HER CRATE!! this is WHY I SAY, these are THINGS, not HUMANS, Not EVEn AN ANIMAL HERSELF, HER ANIMAL had more LOVE & COMPASSION than she EVER WILL..& so forever since as a CHILD, over 50 years fast forward, & Nothing has changed, we just FIND OUT About a FEW MORE NOW, & Faster due to TECHNOLOGY. Human NATURE is still SICK, DEMENTED, & SO Disappointing, YET, these are NOT HUMAN BEINGS< these ARE A "SUB SPECIES" of a once Human somwhere in their LINEAGE..DNA?? Not by time it gets to these "THINGS" though, NO CONSCIENCE, NO HEART, SOUL, OR COMPASSION, & everyone a selfish, greedy, brain-less..Coward, because they ALWAYS "PREY" on those unable to SPEAK UP or Defend or help or Protect themselves. It's WE who MUST Speak & ACT FOR THEM, Or they end up like this & unfortunately MUCH WORSE..I know I've Seen it far TOO many times. I Have one WE rescued the same way. She's one of 4 we have now, & they always have their Forever home, once they are in OUR FAMILY..Just wish MILLIONS More were this Fortunate, because still all the SO-CALLED reporters & those that "RECORD??" the numbers that ARE PUT TO DEATH just in the SHELTERS ALONE, LIE, the numbers are NOT Anything, BUT AN .."ESTIMATE!"..6 to 8 MILLION is a lot closer to those put to death EVERY year, & probably THAT Number is MUCH Higher still, & yet this has been going on for OVER 70++ YEARS!

  4. Judy D'aimo says:

    The FBI estimates there are 500 serial killers at any given time in the USA. So like 10 per state…scary.

    They all tortured animals especially in the beginning.

    Please put this MONSTER behind bars for forever.

    Every LIFE matters!!! PLEASE HELP.

  5. Here’s the bitch who did this. She needs to publicly shamed and added to a national animal abuse registry, and banned from ever having any kind of companion animal again.

  6. Evil frigging bitch should be jailed for years for neglecting and treating that poor dog so badly. You wouldn’t find it acceptable if she did that to a child so why find it acceptable to do it to an animal. The law is so outdated that it mocks those who can’t speak for themselves. It’s about time the law was updated to protect animals properly but that won’t happen with the idiot Trump in power. He supports the killing of endangered wildlife so what hope do pets have?

  7. Can anyone help me?

    Does anyone know the status of the petition?

    Do they need more signatures?

    No sure who started it?

  8. Does anyone know how this petition is doing? I just spoke with the Assistant Prosecutor handling this case.

  9. renate botzler says:

    Best Wishes to you my friend and Great Protection
    Special candle for you
    Nature treats back now monster
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth

  10. Denise Devereux says:

    We all know the lawmakers will do nothing so find the bitch and deal with her.
    Perpetrator we are coming for you. When you think this is all over you will get yours.
    Satan is waiting for your where you will burn in a sea of fire, receive no mercy and your pain will be constant for eternity.

  11. Kill this bitch

  12. Marilyn Petrik says:

    I wish these human monsters would get their just dues. Rembember Karma

  13. Marilyn Petrik says:

    I wish that these human monsters would get their just dues. KARMA

  14. please this poor innocent dog how could that animal of a man hurt this little baby. he looks so sad and afraid i am crying for him and he must b in severe pain from hi leg.oh please get that animal offender and abuse him like that poor baby please i beg of you.

  15. Am I correct to think that it’s the abused humans who want pets for love and affection, but end up taking their hate out on their pets? There’s too much of this abuse…makes me so upset.

  16. Gloria Harman says:

    This POS should be starved to death. No animal should be treated this way. They should have taken it to a shelter if they didn’t want to take care of it. I pray there is an extremely monstrous place in hell for people like this.

  17. Carolyn Long says:

    So sick of animal abuse cases. What is wrong with all of these people? If you’re not going to take care of animals don’t get them!

  18. Rebecca Grant says:

    Please let us know what happens to Nikki. I rescued a dog similar to her who was also severely abused. She is “coming along” but it a very slow process. Please let us know how Nikki is doing, she looks very, very sad.

  19. May he rot in hell for what they did to Nikki.

  20. Marie Schultz says:

    I wish we could treat people like this how they treat their animals. Cut her foot off and let them starve in a cage as well. This is bullshit.

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