Texas Animal Shelter Killed Dogs in Time for Christmas

Target: Hamilton, Texas City Council

Goal: Ensure dogs at your shelter are protected and cared for, not euthanized for the holidays.

An animal shelter in Texas is accused of euthanizing all of their dogs because they didn’t have anyone to care for them during the holidays. This would be barbaric behavior for anyone, let along a “shelter” whose responsibility is to care for lost animals. All animals have the right to be loved and cared for, not simply killed out of convenience for people’s holidays. Any shelter that kills poor innocent animals so people don’t have to work during the holidays must be held accountable.

According to a local watchdog group, Friends of Hamilton Texas Animal Shelter, the shelter “euthanized four dogs not because of space but because they just didn’t feel like caring for them.” The group also indicated that the shelter is “horrible” at keeping its current dog listings up-to-date and that “one dog that was euthanized was never even posted as being in the pound!”

Apparently, “another dog was owned and the shelter did not contact the owner to tell her the dog was being euthanized,” even though the owner asserts she had informed the shelter she was saving her money to pay the fines to get her dog out. The watchdog group raised the obvious question of, “Why not let the owner take the dog home and pay out her fine instead of just killing the dog?”

Hamilton is a small city in the middle of Texas, with a population of 3,095 people. The city’s animal shelter is relatively small and is run by the city’s public works department, which warns that “Irresponsible pet ownership and pet over-population are the main reasons the shelter exists.” Adding that when not properly cared for, pets “can become not only a nuisance, but also a threat to the health and safety of neighbors.”

An animal shelter can be a cold, lonely and scary place for dogs and cats to be held, but just a little kindness from humans can be the difference between an animal finding a happy forever home or a cruel demise at the hands of a lethal injection. This is the season for kindness and compassion, not cold disregard for our fellow creatures.

Let’s ask not only this shelter, but all the shelters, and all the people, to do their part this holiday season to ensure every animal receives the love, warmth and kindness they deserve.


Dear Hamilton, Texas City Council Members,

It was brought to our attention that your animal shelter is accused of killing all of their shelter dogs because there were insufficient workers to cover the holiday season. This is despite the fact that there was reportedly sufficient kennel space left. We’re appalled that this kind of cruelty could occur in your city.

All dogs can be adopted with enough effort. In the age of social media, getting the word out has never been easier, and in fact, is free. There’s no excuse for killing dogs because a shelter is understaffed. We ask that you show some compassion to our fellow creatures and ensure nothing like this ever happens again.

It is the season for love and compassion, not coldness and killing.


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  1. This was an unacceptable action on this shelters part!! The caring if animals in a shelter is a job and these poor animals didn’t deserve to die!! WTF man do something to these ALIEN fucking idiots!!!

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