Success: Greyhound Racing Ends in Arizona

greyhound by Bergadder

Target: Chris Ackerly, Arizona State Representative

Goal: Praise Arizona for ending the cruel practice of greyhound racing.

There will be no more greyhound races in Arizona by the end of this year, thanks to a bill passed by the state legislature. This law came about because of petitions on ForceChange and work by activists in the state of Arizona. According to KJZZ radio, Tuscan Greyhound Park is Arizona’s only remaining dog race track, and it makes all its revenue by simulcasting and offering betting for other races in different locations. The Tuscan track has continued to run Greyhound races only because Arizona law mandated that they offer live racing in order to offer simulcasting and off-track betting. But thanks to this new law, the Tuscan track will end its live races.

Greyhound racing is a cruel practice that often causes serious injury—like broken bones and even paralysis—to the animals. The dogs are kept in cramped cages for up to 20 hours a day with little social contact, and because they are constantly muzzled, they develop mouth sores. The Tuscan race track has one of the worst records in the country for dog injuries, and in the past, trainers have tested positive for hard drugs.

Thanks to this bill, the Tuscan track will no longer be running live races, and Arizona will become the 39th state to end greyhound racing. Sign the petition below to thank Tuscan’s state representative for crafting the bill that will end this cruel practice in Arizona.


Dear Representative Ackerly,

I want to thank you for crafting the bill that will end greyhound racing in Arizona. Greyhound racing is a cruel practice that often results in serious injury to the animals. The dogs live sad lives in abhorrent conditions; they are constantly muzzled and confined to cramped cages—arrangements that can easily spread diseases. Thanks to your bill, dogs will no longer suffer under these conditions in Arizona.

Your work on this legislation, reaching a compromise between the Tuscan Greyhound Park and the advocates for the end of greyhound racing, is commendable. You will end the suffering of hundreds of animals despite the business interests that favor exploiting them. Your work on this bill provides hope that more future compromises can be reached despite a political environment that is so often polarized. I hope you will continue to work on legislation that benefits animal welfare in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Bergadder


  1. Thank you Arizona for realizing the cruelty and torture these beautiful dogs go through by ending these races. This must be an example for other states to do the same. Especially in my town of Sarasota, Florida!

    • Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

      Yes, let’s hope many more states get on board with this, until dog racing is obsolete! Hooray for Arizona’s Greyhounds….so happy for them!!!!

  2. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Thanks to Rep. Ackerly for doing the right thing. It had to have been an uphill battle as there was money involved.

  3. Barbara Griffith says:

    When I was living in AZ a number of years ago I saw in the newspaper that someone had found numerous dead greyhounds that had been shot and left in a gully that couldn’t be seen from the road. No one was ever caught for doing it but after that there was numerous greyhounds that was being dumped at the pound. These creeps that was breeding these dogs were probably afraid of being caught killing them. Also If the dog didn’t win any races it was disposed of. After a while the pounds started refusing to take the large numbers of the dogs that the trainers wanted to get rid of so I think they just killed them further out in the desert.

  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  5. Kathy Buchan says:

    If only they would do this in Australia where I moved to from Canada which apparently has one racing track which is one too many. There are several though in Oz so would be nice for them to abolish this unfortunately many Aussies like their betting.

  6. Bev Woodburn says:

    I wish Australia would take your example and stop the murder of our precious Greyhounds in the Greyhound Racing Industry.
    Australia has a lot to answer to. When it comes to our precious Greyhounds, the Live Animal Export Trade and our precious Wildlife and Wild Waterbirds.

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