Call for Justice Over Alleged Abuse of K9 Officer by Former Sheriff’s Deputy

Target: Christopher M. Carr, Attorney General of Georgia

Goal: Ensure strict legal action against those allegedly responsible for K9 officer abuse.

In a deeply disturbing case from southeast Georgia, Matthew Ainsworth, a former sheriff’s deputy, has been accused of harming a K9 officer assigned to him. The allegations surfaced after a report was filed claiming that Ainsworth reportedly injured the K9 officer while employed by the Long County Sheriff’s Office. This shocking report has sparked outrage and calls for immediate legal action against Ainsworth.

Further investigation revealed that Ainsworth, who previously served as a deputy in McIntosh and Long Counties, allegedly committed this act of cruelty. The K9 officer, transferred to a different jurisdiction, is reportedly doing well, but the trauma suffered due to this alleged mistreatment must not go unpunished. Ainsworth is currently held in Bryan County jail without bond, awaiting the ongoing investigation’s results.

It is crucial to address this alleged heinous act to ensure justice for the K9 officer and prevent similar incidents in the future. The authorities must take swift and decisive action against those reportedly responsible for such acts of cruelty. Legal consequences will not only hold the perpetrator accountable but also send a strong message against animal abuse within law enforcement. Prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Attorney Christopher M. Carr,

We are writing to bring your attention to a grave matter involving former sheriff’s deputy Matthew Ainsworth, who has been accused of animal cruelty towards a K9 officer under his care. A report was filed alleging that Ainsworth injured the K9 officer while serving with the Long County Sheriff’s Office. This K9 officer has since been transferred and is reportedly in good condition, but the trauma apparently inflicted must not be overlooked.

The allegations against Ainsworth are deeply troubling, suggesting a severe breach of duty and trust. As a law enforcement officer, he was entrusted with the care and safety of the K9 officer, making these reported actions even more egregious. It is imperative that thorough legal proceedings are carried out to ensure justice and prevent future incidents of this nature.

We urge you to prosecute Matthew Ainsworth to the fullest extent of the law for the alleged cruelty inflicted upon the K9 officer. Holding him accountable is essential not only for justice in this case but also to uphold the standards of humane treatment within law enforcement agencies.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Now this is a real cowardly sonofabitch. This dog would take a bullet for this cowardly sonofabitch. And what is his reward for being a loyal companion? Well, he gets abused, that’s what. I hope this ex-deputy gets some prison time and while in prison runs into some really, really bad dudes who are animal lovers. I would love to see how he would feel after a bunch of real bad asses beat the living shit out of him. Maybe he would change his tune on beating up animals or humans that are weaker than him. But, I don’t expect him to do any jail time. The judges and the courts don’t have the balls to send him to prison. They’ll let him walk with a small fine and no jail time just like they do the rest of the pieces of shit that harm animals. Don’t hold your breaths, people because you will run out of time.

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