Trainer Accused of Injuring Dogs and Defrauding Clients Must be Punished

Target: Mat Heck Jr., Montgomery County Prosecutor, Ohio

Goal: Ensure strict legal action against a dog trainer for reported fraud and animal cruelty.

The recent indictment of Jason Thomas Jones and his business, Dayton Dog Trainer LLC, on nearly 200 counts highlights serious allegations of fraud and animal cruelty. Reports indicate that Jones allegedly failed to provide promised training services, returning dogs injured, neglected, and with worsened behavior. The accusations involve 133 victims who reportedly lost nearly $370,000 due to these deceptive practices.

Further details from the investigation reveal distressing instances where dogs were reportedly returned with injuries and neglect after supposed training sessions. Victims have described their heartbreak and anger at seeing their pets in such allegedly painful conditions. The business’s practices reportedly included theft from elderly and disabled victims, compounding the severity of the alleged misconduct.

These alleged actions demand a strong legal response to prevent further harm to innocent animals and protect pet owners. The call for justice includes prosecuting Jones and his associates, ensuring they are held accountable for the reported fraud and cruelty. Seek legal action to safeguard pets from such alleged exploitative practices in the future.


Dear Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr.,

We urge you to take decisive legal action against Jason Thomas Jones and Dayton Dog Trainer LLC following their recent indictment on nearly 200 counts, including allegations of fraud and animal cruelty. Reports from victims describe a pattern of deception, where dogs were allegedly returned injured, neglected, and with worsened behavior after promised training services were not provided.

The investigation has reportedly uncovered disturbing details of injured and neglected pets, with 133 victims losing nearly $370,000. These actions are not only allegedly fraudulent but have caused significant emotional and financial distress to pet owners, including elderly and disabled individuals.

We ask for your continued efforts in prosecuting Jones and his associates to ensure justice is served and to prevent further harm to innocent animals. It is crucial that those responsible for these alleged acts are held accountable to protect both pets and their owners from such deceitful and cruel practices.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Every single penny he snd his close family gas needs seizing, and everyone paid back, then give the a-hole hard labour

  2. give the people their money back and lock this asshole up. make sure he never handles another animal again.

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    I get so sick of these so called “trainers” who mistreat innocent animals for profit. They are a disgusting lot. Make this creep Jones and his sick minions repay all the money they stole from the pet parents and then throw them in jail for the rest of their miserable lives so they can’t hurt another dog.

  4. Needs to be harder for anyone to open a business and deem themselves a trainer of animals without having to prove their education and ability to train and not use abuse as their preferred training method.

  5. Julie Bates says:


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