Prevent Animal Cruelty Following Alleged Abuse of Family Dog

Target: Diana Sayavedra, El Paso Superintendent of Schools, Texas

Goal: Implement mandatory humane education in El Paso schools to prevent animal cruelty.

A disturbing act of animal cruelty has allegedly unfolded in El Paso, Texas, capturing a student apparently tormenting and attacking a defenseless family dog. This harrowing incident was caught on camera, with the student reportedly kicking, stomping on, and mercilessly hitting the dog. Household objects were apparently used as projectiles against the frightened animal, which seemed desperate for escape.

Details emerging from the shared video are deeply troubling, including audio that reportedly captures laughter and a chilling indifference to the dog’s suffering. This incident is not just a seemingly brutal act against a vulnerable animal but also a stark indication of a broader societal issue. The local community and authorities have taken initial steps by placing the dog in safe care and launching an investigation involving several students from Charles Q. Murphree PK–8 School.

The urgent need for systemic change in our approach to education about empathy and respect for life is evident. Integrate humane education into the curriculum to prevent the escalation of violence.


Dear Diana Sayavedra,

We are writing to you, deeply concerned by the recently surfaced video that allegedly shows a student from Charles Q. Murphree PK–8 School in a violent act against a family dog. This disturbing incident, which appears to include severe physical abuse and emotional torment, underscores a critical gap in our educational system’s ability to foster empathy and respect for life.

The laughter and mockery seemingly accompanying this act of cruelty, as reportedly captured in the video, highlight an alarming desensitization to suffering that must be addressed. We urge you to consider the role that education can play in preventing such atrocities. Implementing a comprehensive program of humane education can be a pivotal step in this direction.

In response to this incident, we demand the immediate integration of PETA’s TeachKind resources and curricula across all schools in the El Paso Independent School District. These materials are designed not only to educate but also to build a foundation of empathy and respect for all sentient beings. By taking this action, you will not only honor the victim of this seemingly unfortunate incident but also contribute to the creation of a safer, more compassionate community.


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  1. The so called kid….needs to be placed in a treatment setting not to get out until age 18 period! This kid does this…it isn’t the first time and he will become a future psychopath who is indifferent to anything living! Be a responsible society and the family needs to ask themselves how this got to this point!

  2. This is twisted and sadistic behavior for someone this age and shows an already depraved indifference to life and to animals in particular. He will happily reoffend and may move on to harming humans. Mandatory psych counseling, a fine and a lot of community service work for animals – let him clean out animal cages for a year or something useful.

  3. There is NO EXCUSE for this behavior !!!!!!!!!

    NONE, this bastard should be put away for life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HE does NOT deserve to breathe the same air as this poor innocent animal !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How horrific!!!! These children have no respect for animals and their parents must also be blamed! Those developmental years matter and teaching your children to love and respect animals is paramount. I am beyond disgusted that children who are usually full of love resorted to such hate and torture. This is learned behavior and shows they lacked love in their own lives as well.

  5. The shit these kids are pulling and what they are getting away with is insane!!!! Beating elderly, beating each other, beating teachers & animals.

    WTF STOP making excuses for these POS so called human beings. There is something seriously wrong with these kids. Maybe doing the same thing to them that they did to this innocent dog would be a great start.

    Just really hating what our world is turning into!

  6. The issue must be swiftly addressed. They will grow up to be bullies, sadists, rapists, serial killers and continue to abuse animals…we do not wish to see that coming do we?

  7. Kids are products of their family, school and friends. These kids are evil. They know right fro wrong and enjoyed doing all the harm they could to a dog who could not defend himself. Instruction needs to be given to students at schools where these sick kids attend school. Arrest the parents. They know when something is not right in the neighborhood. These kids are mentally unstable and if not helped now these kids will be murderers of tomorrow. Force kids and families to pay for medical help for the dog. Force them into hours upon hours of social service and give parents large fines. If need be place leans against their homes. Make these kids see how their actions affect everyone, their families, and communities. Needless to say no more friends for these kids. Nice families won’t want them around decent kids and bad families won’t be able to withstand the harm of such friendships.

  8. put the bastard away for good

  9. your not teaching this little piece of shit anything. this is todays youth. they care about nothing, are as lazy as they come believing the world owes them something and many of them have parents that should be slapped harder than their kid. this asshole will never change. the choir has become hoarse preaching to these idiots.

  10. Johnny K. says:

    Put this little punk-ass mother-fucker’s parents in prison for a minimum of 20 years. Let this little bastard go out into the streets and sell his ass just to get something to eat every day. Maybe if he gets fucked in the ass long enough, he might start feeling sorry for people and animals that can’t fend for themselves. With any luck he will get hooked on drugs and either die of an overdose or commit suicide. I don’t care which one as long as he leaves this planet. I have zero sympathy for animal abusers. He just needs something really, really bad to happen to him such as what I wrote above and maybe, just maybe he might change his actions.

  11. This vile brat has shown he is a psychopath and its only going to get worse. Shut him away now, before he does worse.

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