Justice for Donkey and Pony Reportedly Subjected to Bestiality and Killed

Target: Isidro R. Alaniz, Webb County District Attorney, Texas

Goal: Prosecute Ricardo Segura Jr. for his alleged brutal acts of animal cruelty.

Allegations surfaced concerning the brutal deaths of two defenseless livestock animals. Ricardo Segura Jr. is now facing charges linked to these horrifying acts, including one of bestiality that resulted in death. These disturbing events reportedly occurred on Candlewood Drive, where a donkey was found deceased due to apparent blunt force trauma, and a pony was reportedly discovered decapitated days later.

Further investigations led to Segura’s arrest, with initial charges pertaining to cruelty towards livestock. Authorities have since expanded these charges after tests reportedly indicated the presence of Segura’s DNA at both crime scenes. The community is left reeling from these shocking events, calling for justice to be served swiftly and firmly. It is imperative that these alleged acts of cruelty are not only prosecuted to the fullest extent but also used to set a precedent against similar future atrocities.

The severity of these allegations demands immediate and decisive action. The community, shocked and saddened by such cruelty, looks to its leaders to uphold justice. Take a firm stance and ensure that these alleged heinous acts do not go unpunished.


Dear DA Isidro R. Alaniz,

We are writing to express our deep concern over the alleged brutal acts of animal cruelty committed by Ricardo Segura Jr. It has come to our attention that Segura faces serious charges involving the killing of two livestock animals under particularly disturbing circumstances. These allegations, supported by the apparent discovery of Segura’s DNA at the crime scenes, call for a strong and immediate response.

This case not only involves reported acts of extreme violence against animals but also represents a breach of our community’s trust and safety. The details of these allegations are profoundly disturbing, with one animal suffering blunt force trauma and another being decapitated. Such actions must be met with the full force of the law to reflect the seriousness of the offenses and to deter similar future acts.

We urge you to prosecute Ricardo Segura Jr. to the fullest extent of the law, reflecting both the gravity of the crimes and the community’s expectation for justice. These alleged acts of cruelty cannot be overlooked or minimally punished. Our community trusts in your commitment to justice and in your ability to uphold our shared values against such senseless violence.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: TexasEagle


  1. this is a sick son of a bitch. personally i say off the bastard but if that can’t be lock him away for good because this will continue. he will never serve any useful purpose to humanity. just another destruct full
    asshole with no life.

  2. This man did this alone? I think there are others involved. I am tired of requesting legal measures as none ever meet the standards to bring justice to the victims. This man will move on to children, women, and people in general. Our legal system does nothing. Thus these actions continue.
    Since this man was practicing beastiality he needs to have his penis surgically removed.Should men want to rape anyone or any being, they will have the procedure performed. They should be thankful they won’t bleed to death. They obviously didn’t mind their victims bleeding to death. But we are civilized? No penis should make a man, any man, think twice.

  3. Kill this son of bitch,death penalty for him and other bastard killers! Coward,burn in hell, bastard!
    Justice for donkey + RIP and pony +RIP

  4. Sherry Akridge says:

    Put that PSYCHOPATH away! He does not deserve to breathe, he deserves to die. But, in this world crimes against animals are not treated the way they should be. No justice for all the animals that are abused, tortured and killed. It is completely sickening! MONSTERS that do these horrendous crimes should be executed!

    • Justice for all animals should be an eye for an eye. These monsters deserve to be punished the same way they mistreated and/or kill animals,

  5. Catherine E Scarbrough says:

    Lock this sick SOB up and any others that were connected to these abhorrent crimes. What or who will he target next?

  6. What the hell is wrong with people? This is beyond and needs to be immediately stopped obviously these poor animals can’t speak out to stop their pain and suffering so we must be their voice! Please do not allow this sick perverted bastard to walk free who is next children?

  7. Jaime Perez says:

    Castrate this monster and send him to jail for the rest of his miserable life!!

  8. barf. puke.

  9. This sob is so violent and soulless. Ricardo Segura Jr. must be severely punished because he is so twisted only the law can keep him away from the helpless and innocent, be it animals or humans! Justice for the poor victims!

  10. It is so disturbing to think this man will be given any consideration at all within our legal system. The courts time and resources will be taken up with the likes of a piece of garbage like this scum bag. When it comes to cretins like him, I long for an eye for an eye form of justice.(and in this case we know what that form of justice would entail)

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