Seek Justice for Chickens Rescued from Alleged Cockfighting Ring

Target: Joe Gonzales, Crown Prosecutor of Bexar County, Texas

Goal: Ensure strict legal consequences for those involved in the alleged cockfighting ring.

During a raid in San Antonio, authorities discovered an alleged cockfighting operation at a residence, leading to the rescue of 228 chickens and roosters. Allegations against Paul Morales include hosting this cruel spectacle, complete with trophies and fighting paraphernalia found onsite. This distressing scenario reportedly unfolded under the guise of a simple barbecue and poultry show, raising severe concerns about animal welfare and the hidden brutality animals may endure.

Further investigations into this incident unveiled small blades and height sticks used on roosters during fights, suggesting a level of premeditation and disregard for the suffering inflicted. This alleged evidence strongly contradicts Morales’ claim of innocence and emphasizes the need for a stern legal response to such severe allegations of animal abuse. Organizations like Showing Animals Respect and Kindness have voiced their concerns, highlighting the societal implications of trivializing such acts of cruelty.

This situation underscores a broader societal issue that cannot remain unaddressed. The disparity in how animal abuse is perceived, particularly involving chickens and roosters, necessitates a shift in legal and public perception. Demand that alleged acts of cruelty must face rigorous scrutiny and consequences.


Dear Prosecutor Joe Gonzales,

We are writing to you amidst serious concerns regarding the alleged cockfighting ring uncovered on a property in San Antonio. The distressing details of this case, where 228 chickens and roosters were reportedly rescued from conditions meant for animal fighting, call for immediate and decisive action. The presence of fighting equipment and trophies at the site provides disturbing evidence of the alleged activities that took place, overshadowing any claims of innocence by the property owner.

The implications of such actions are far-reaching, affecting not only the animals involved but also the moral fabric of our community. It is crucial to address this issue head-on, ensuring that those allegedly responsible are held accountable under the law. This case presents an opportunity to set a precedent that animal cruelty, in any form, will not be tolerated and will be met with the full force of the law.

We urge you to pursue all legal avenues to prosecute those allegedly involved in this barbaric activity and ensure that justice is served. The community relies on your commitment to uphold the law and protect all members of society, human and animal alike. We look forward to seeing your leadership in action and to a resolution that reaffirms our community’s values.


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Photo credit: Peter Cooper

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