Protect Cicadas and Their Essential Role in Ecosystems

Target: Deb Haaland, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Protect the cicadas as key contributors to our ecosystem.

The recent emergence of over a trillion cicadas across seventeen states has highlighted the critical role of these insects in our natural world. For the first time since the days of Thomas Jefferson, two broods are surfacing simultaneously, offering a unique opportunity to witness these creatures’ significant ecological impact. While their appearance and sounds might startle, it’s crucial to recognize their essential benefits, from aerating the soil to enhancing plant growth.

Cicadas spend most of their lives underground, emerging only for a brief period to reproduce and complete their life cycle. This short above-ground existence is pivotal, as female cicadas lay hundreds of eggs in tree branches, contributing to the health and prosperity of forests. Their bodies, once deceased, enrich the soil with nutrients that are vital for other species. Despite their benefits, cicadas often face disregard and mistreatment, undermining their role and threatening their populations.

This disregard for cicadas not only harms them but also the broader ecosystem that depends on them. Their immense contribution to soil health and plant growth is a natural process that we must protect. Implement measures that safeguard these creatures, ensuring their survival and continued benefit to our environment.


Dear Deb Haaland,

The overwhelming emergence of cicadas in numerous states has brought to light their indispensable role in our ecosystem. Their unique life cycle and the ecological benefits they provide are vital for maintaining the health of our environment. Unfortunately, these creatures often do not receive the respect and protection they deserve, leading to potential threats against their populations and, by extension, the ecosystems they support.

Cicadas contribute significantly to the aeration of soil and the nourishment of trees, which in turn benefits countless other species. Their death completes a cycle of life that enriches our planet, feeding numerous forms of life and fostering biodiversity. It is imperative that we acknowledge and protect the integral role these insects play in environmental sustainability.

We urge you to take immediate action to ensure that cicadas are protected during their emergence periods and that their habitats are preserved. This not only safeguards the cicadas but also promotes the health of our entire ecosystem. We must recognize the value of all creatures, including cicadas, in maintaining the balance of nature.


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Photo credit: JanetandPhil

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