Justice for Dog Reportedly Beaten With Metal Pipe

Target: James E. Stewart, Sr., District Attorney of Caddo Parish, Louisiana

Goal: Prosecute the alleged animal cruelty in Shreveport to the fullest extent of the law.

A distressing incident in Shreveport has ignited public outrage. A dog was allegedly subjected to a brutal beating involving a metal pipe, leading to severe injuries. This reported act of cruelty resulted in the arrest of Justin Smith on charges including felony cruelty to animals.

On the afternoon of the incident, police were alerted to a welfare concern where a dog was reportedly being beaten. The arriving officers state they found the dog with multiple lacerations and knots, evidence of brutality it endured. Caddo Parish Animal Control was immediately involved, highlighting the severity of the situation and the need for a thorough investigation.

This case underscores a critical need for stringent legal consequences for animal cruelty. The community’s moral and legal standards demand no less than full accountability and justice for the victim. Call for the prosecution of the alleged perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law, ensuring such acts are met with the seriousness they warrant.


Dear DA James E. Stewart, Sr.,

We are writing to express our deep concern and to urge immediate action regarding a recent case of alleged severe animal cruelty in Shreveport. According to reports, a local resident was arrested for violently beating a dog with a metal pipe, resulting in grievous injuries to the animal. This incident, responded to by the Shreveport Police, appears to highlight a disturbing act of violence against a defenseless animal, demanding a rigorous legal response.

The details of this case are profoundly disturbing. Officers reportedly found the dog in a dire state, suffering from multiple lacerations and physical trauma. Such alleged acts of cruelty not only harm the animals involved but also erode the fabric of our community’s compassion and respect for life. It is imperative that this case be pursued with diligence and severity to reflect the seriousness of the allegations and to serve as a deterrent against future instances of animal cruelty.

We urge you to ensure that this case is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The community trusts in your commitment to justice and in your role to uphold the rights of all beings, especially those who cannot advocate for themselves. We call for a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action against the alleged perpetrator.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Olgierd


  1. Give this bastard who hurt this helpless dog the same treatment , castrate the bastard so he’ll never reproduce any of his kind and then throw him in prison for 30 years to protect all animals and our helpless children too.

  2. Jane Miiller says:

    I pray this poor dog has been rehomed to a kind loving owner!

    The monster subhuman who tried to kill this innocent dog deserves the most severe punishment allowable by law and much much worse….

    • Strip that evil monster of its human rights and make it endure the exact same treatment! Prison is NOT a punishment that is equal to what he did to an innocent animal. Send him back to hell where he belongs!

  3. Dennis Busto says:

    An eye for an eye fits this crime n should be the punishment. Absolutely No Tolerance Towards Animal ABUSERS n Cruelty. Paws Matter 🐾

  4. John Quinn says:

    Execute this scumbag punk coward demon…very slowly…and let him rot in hell !

  5. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Let’s hope that this pathetic excuse for a human being NEVER breeds babies from his sperm and pathetic little penis, because he is likely to beat THEM to death when they annoy him. It’s such a pity that he can’t be punished through castration – as it will save a lot of trouble in the future. And I also wonder – what sort of monsters raised a piece of garbage like this? Are they proud of the brute that they birthed and raised to (alleged) “manhood”?

  6. What a bastard. A felony conviction will earn a justified prison sentence. Prison inmates have a visceral hatred for pedofiles and animal abusers and his only safety will be in solitary.

    • Melinda Maddox says:

      Oh Amen to that. This person will get a good amount of justice when in jail. That’s perfect justice!!

  7. If this had been done to a person…this pos would be facing serious time…but because he did this to a dog will he just receive a slap on his wrist and told not to do it again?
    This man needs to be severely dealt with..if not he will only do it again…people like this don’t learn and change for the better…
    And whatever happened to this poor pup?
    This pos needs to be behind bars forever

  8. Jacqueline “Torture the S*** says:

    Beat him unconscious with the same metal pipe!!! Then put honey on him and leave him for bees and monster hornets!!!
    Make sure the poor , innocent pup watches!!

  9. Julia Edinger says:

    “What a bastard. A felony conviction will earn a justified prison sentence. Prison inmates have a visceral hatred for pedofiles and animal abusers and his only safety will be in solitary.”!!!!

  10. What you have done to others should return to you! This man needs to be beaten with a metal pipe and then left to suffer alone. Our country is becoming full of abusers. Abusers make life horrible for all involved. Abusers need to go straight to prison for their own sake. The everyday person is of good character, but abusers are not. Why should abusers be tolerated? They do not live under the social laws which govern our society. They will not be tolerated in a decent society of which they are not a part. Abusers are a waste of humanity and need to be removed.

  11. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that this animal was brutally beaten. This is unacceptable and the low-down brute who inflicted this pain and suffering should be severely punished. I wish this innocent fur baby a speedy recovery and I hope he gets justice.

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