Alleged Cruelty to Animals Deserves Immediate Attention

Target: Conrad Sangma, Chief Minister of Meghalaya

Goal: Secure legal action against those allegedly responsible for cruelty to animals in Tura.

Allegations of animal cruelty in Tura have surfaced, prompting urgent calls for justice. The Centre for Environment Protection and Rural Development (CEPARD) has reportedly taken significant steps by informing the District Administration and collaborating with People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). These efforts aim to address and prevent the recurrence of such inhumane actions.

Further details from CEPARD highlight a troubling scenario where livestock and other animals are allegedly subjected to cruel acts. The organization’s mission to protect the well-being of all living beings emphasizes the necessity of broad support and advocacy in combating these issues effectively. By bringing such incidents to light, CEPARD seeks to foster a compassionate environment and ensure that such alleged actions do not go unpunished.

The demand for change is critical, not only to seek justice for the animals reportedly mistreated but also to set a precedent that such behaviors will not be tolerated. Take swift and decisive action to investigate these allegations and apply the full extent of the law where necessary.


Dear CM Sangma,

We bring serious allegations of cruelty towards animals in Tura, as reported by the Centre for Environment Protection and Rural Development (CEPARD). These alleged acts of inhumanity not only breach legal norms but also undermine our community’s ethical standards. Immediate investigation and legal intervention are crucial.

In its recent statements, CEPARD has outlined disturbing accounts of animals allegedly subjected to harsh treatment. Along with the support of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), this organisation has taken a stand against such alleged cruelty and is working towards advocating for animal rights. Deciding legal action must support these efforts to ensure such allegations are thoroughly investigated and addressed.

We, therefore, urge you to take prompt action in response to these allegations. Investigating these claims and enforcing the law will serve as a deterrent against potential future acts of cruelty. It is essential to uphold justice for the animals allegedly affected and to reflect our community’s commitment to compassion and respect towards all living beings.


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Photo credit: Erik Karits

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