Bulldog Mix Reportedly Found Decapitated With Body Discarded Deserves Justice

Target: Bruce Bartlett, State Attorney of Pinellas County, Florida

Goal: Ensure a full investigation and prosecute those responsible for Dexter’s seemingly cruel death

In a grim discovery at Fort De Soto Park, authorities reportedly found the decapitated body of a four-year-old bulldog mix named Dexter, wrapped in a plastic bag and discarded among the mangroves. This shocking incident, which came to light following a report by local visitors, has prompted allegations of severe animal cruelty and improper disposal of an animal’s body. Dexter had only recently been adopted from Pinellas County Animal Services, an entity known for its rigorous adoption screening process.

Further investigation revealed that the last person known to have custody of Dexter was Domingo R. Rodriguez, who allegedly provided inconsistent statements regarding his activities and Dexter’s disappearance. This distressing scenario raises serious questions about the events leading to such a brutal act. The local community and animal rights advocates are understandably outraged, calling for swift and decisive legal action.

The necessity of holding individuals accountable for such heinous acts is clear. Pursue all legal avenues to prosecute the perpetrator of this alleged crime.


Dear Attorney Bruce Bartlett,

We, the undersigned, are deeply troubled by the alleged discovery of a decapitated bulldog mix, known as Dexter, at Fort De Soto Park. This horrifying incident, as reported by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, involved the alleged improper disposal of Dexter’s body and indications of severe animal cruelty. The last known custodian of Dexter, Domingo R. Rodriguez, reportedly provided multiple inconsistent statements to deputies, casting doubt on the circumstances of Dexter’s death.

This case not only represents an apparently tragic and brutal end to a defenseless animal’s life but also highlights potential lapses in protecting animals from cruelty and harm. It is imperative that this matter be addressed with the full force of the law to prevent future occurrences and to serve justice for Dexter. We urge your office to conduct a comprehensive investigation into this incident and to prosecute those responsible for any wrongdoing to the fullest extent of the law.

We trust that you will take our concerns seriously and act swiftly to ensure that justice is served. It is only through stringent enforcement of animal cruelty laws that we can hope to deter such heinous acts and safeguard the well-being of all animals in Pinellas County.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Florence Ivy


  1. Just to mention, if anyone wants to know more about the below action, please go to Animal Victory petitions to get some idea of what these young innocent Beagles are subjected to!
    Vivisection is ‘old hat’ and is NOT necessary. Supposed cures for humans! Then TEST ON BLOODY HUMANS!! NOT INNOCENT ANIMALS! Sick people torturing these dogs hiding under the name of science. A real load of balls. These turds are just as bad if not worse than the torturing perps on the streets.
    And these are also the nasties who need taking out. Sick buggers all of them. These are the one who deserve to be dead as what the scumbags do is horrific and the dogs are just collateral damage to be thrown away afterwards.
    Bastards all of these sick minded people who deserve the same fate!!!


    Operation 1,000 is a peaceful protest, a mass gathering @ MBR Acres, Sawtry Way, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 2DT
    25th May 12:00 United Kingdom.
    Our aims, in fact, our demands, are:
    1) an immediate end to experiments on dogs in the UK
    2) the announcement that MBR will pull out of the UK
    3) that there will be a fully open, public inquiry into vivisection as a whole.
    We are sure that 95% of the UK public would strongly oppose these awful experiments on 16 week old beagle puppies.
    25th May is going to be a unique opportunity to make a firm and United stand for these puppies.
    They have no one else! We need a massive show of determined force.
    If not now then when?
    If not you then who?
    Till every cage is empty
    Free the Beagles
    They have no one else
    Julie J
    United Kingdom

  2. Sorry if the above is going off on a tangent of the main submission here but really thought it worth a mention to say that the ‘bloody’ U.K. is just as bad as any other animal torturing countries spread around the world.


  3. Johnny K. says:

    Put the sonofabitch in a wood chipper and turn it on slow so he can see his body being torn apart before he dies. One can only dream of this happening to a dog torturer and killer. This is just another story of a dog killer who will basically get away with it. Small fine, community service and no jail time. All stories like this just piss off animal lovers and they come on this site and vent what they’d like to see happen to the dog killer. Then that story will be forgotten when another horror story comes up of another dog that is tortured and killed. And it’s going to be like that until the end of time because none of the leaders we elect have the balls to deliver true justice to the pieces of shit that torture and kill innocent animals. But I guess it makes people feel good when they can vent on how they would like to see the animal torturer be tortured and killed. But you just know that they’re not going to do it themselves but they would really, really like someone else to do it so they don’t have to deal with the consequences of killing the perpetrator themselves.

    • I SO agree with Jon White and Johnny K….Hope there are millions at the protest on May 25th, unfortunately too far away from me to attend. I hope it does some good but am not optimistic. Those who breed Beagles to be used in vivisection are as guilty as those bastards who actually carry out this torture and it will not be stopped easily as these evil individuals enjoy what they do and want to continue doing it. THEY themselves should be used and they should be tortured and discarded just like the Beagles. As for the vile scum who beheaded the poor dog he “rescued” from a shelter he should have the same treatment….SLOWLY with a blunt rusty blade. I wonder how many other dogs he has done this to. I truly despair…..

  4. Valerie Horton says:

    The one thing I couldn’t help but to notice was the fact that his body was improperly disposed of. SERIOUSLY?!The dog was viciously abused and murdered and that’s a key concern as well? Obviously it was the man who adopted him, saying lack of evidence is bullshit.The dog was in his care and ended up this way, to let him get away with it or simply with a slap on the wrist would be a crime in itself. I’d like to point out our “judicial” system is deeply flawed and we need to demand it be fixed and stronger laws and penalties. Lastly, the center he was adopted from. Yes they claim they have a a very strict process of adoption,clearly that’s not the case because when red flags were being thrown, guess who didn’t jump on it and act. They should be checking in and following up on the adoptees. To say we don’t have time is complete garbage as it should be part of their stringent process.

  5. Sherry Akridge says:

    This MONSTER MURDERER deserves to die.

  6. Death penalty for bastard killer,SOB,coward! Burn in hell,find him/her!
    Justice for Dexter! +RIP

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