Call For Justice Against Reportedly Brutal Assault on Family and Their Dog

Target: Revanth Reddy, Chief Minister of Telangana, India

Goal: Hold the perpetrators accountable for their reportedly cruel assault on a family and their dog.

In a shocking incident that has drawn widespread condemnation, a family and their pet husky were reportedly viciously attacked by five neighbors in India’s Telangana. This alleged assault, captured in widely circulated clips, reportedly resulted in severe injuries to the victims. Outrage has ensued as these disturbing details have come to light, calling for immediate legal intervention.

Further investigation into the events of May 14th reveals that the apparent confrontation was sparked when the family’s husky, not on a leash, interacted with the neighbors. Subsequent to an earlier complaint by the neighbors, the situation escalated into a seemingly violent encounter involving sticks, allegedly leading to grievous injuries to both the human victims and their dog. The accused have been apprehended and are currently facing charges, including attempt to murder and animal cruelty.

This egregious act of violence underscores a disturbing disregard for life and safety within the community. It is imperative that the authorities take swift action to ensure that justice is served and such seemingly brutal acts are not repeated. Demand that the accused are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, reflecting the seriousness of their alleged actions.


Dear CM Reddy,

We, the undersigned, are deeply troubled by the alleged violent assault on a family and their dog in Madhura Nagar, as reported. This horrifying act, which seemingly involved multiple assailants, reportedly resulted in severe injuries to both the individuals and their pet, necessitating urgent and serious legal action.

The distressing footage shared across social platforms reportedly shows a merciless attack with sticks, highlighting a premeditated aggression towards defenseless victims. This incident has not only apparently caused physical harm but has also instilled fear and insecurity within the community. It is crucial that this case is treated with the gravity it deserves, ensuring that the perpetrators are held accountable for their alleged actions.

In light of these alarming events, we urge you to pursue a rigorous prosecution of the suspects. It is essential that a clear message is sent that such brutality will not be tolerated, and that justice will be ensured for the victims of this seemingly appalling act. We call for immediate and decisive action in this matter.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Yercaud-elango


  1. Sophie D. says:

    Outrageous, deeply disturbing. The perpetrators must be charged and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. Our laws are not strong enough. Are yours any better? Will your laws step-in to protect the innocent. People everywhere are insane. I hope your legal system can handle this type of crime. Others are watching. Laws are often not effective and justice is often not served. Possible your laws will do a better job of keeping the peace. Yet these many abusers against those who are weaker always seems to end in harm done with little regard to life and the pain caused by such actions.

  3. Ejohnson says:

    The perpetrators deserve to be beat to death

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