Protect Animals From Potentially Cruel Cart Racing Tradition

Target: Bhagwant Mann, Chief Minister of Punjab, India

Goal: Implement stringent regulations to prevent animal cruelty in bullock cart races

Recent developments have led to the controversial revival of bullock cart racing at Kila Raipur in India’s Punjab, raising serious concerns about potential animal cruelty despite regulatory assurances. Allegedly, these events have historically imposed significant stress and harm on the animals involved. Following a ban in 2014 due to violations against the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, a recent amendment has allowed these races under specific conditions, which purportedly safeguard animal welfare.

Details surrounding the conditions set forth include the presence of medical teams and the prohibition of races under adverse weather conditions. However, skeptics question the enforcement of these stipulations and argue that they may not adequately prevent distress and injury to the animals involved. Critics urge a reevaluation of these activities, citing that the amendments could still allow for scenarios that put the animals at risk.

The call for action is clear. The legal framework permitting these events under allegedly safe conditions must be scrutinized and adjusted if found lacking. For the sake of animal welfare, it’s imperative to ensure that all safety measures are not only in place but strictly enforced. Instigate a thorough legal review of the conditions under which these races are held to truly ensure the animals’ well-being.


Dear CM Mann,

We are reaching out to express our deep concern over the revival of bullock cart races in Kila Raipur, which have been permitted under recent legislative amendments. These events, previously banned due to concerns over animal welfare, are once again taking place under conditions that are allegedly designed to prevent cruelty. However, public skepticism about the adequacy and enforcement of these regulations persists.

The conditions set forth by the recent amendments, including mandatory medical oversight and specific weather conditions, are a step in the right direction. Yet, the effectiveness of these measures in safeguarding the welfare of the animals involved remains questionable. There are allegations that the animals continue to suffer due to the inherent nature of the races, which can involve intense physical strain and distress.

We urge you to initiate a comprehensive review of the current legal provisions governing bullock cart races. It is crucial to assess their practical implementation and to strengthen them if necessary to genuinely protect the animals involved from harm. Our goal is to ensure that cultural traditions do not come at the expense of animal welfare.


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Photo credit: Dhruvaraj S


  1. India, please show some respect for animals and leave them be. No living beings want to be treated this way. Step up your animal welfare laws please!

  2. Here’s a thought! If men want to race carts, remove the animals, and substitute men for the animals. This is fine. If men insist on racing they should have teams of men to race against minus all animals. Why should animals suffer for the fools? Animals have intelligence, men do not. Animals have standards, men do not. Animals have compassion and consideration, men do not. en bring darkness and pain to the world of creatures and those not as able as men themselves. Men are bullies and sadly pick on others to make themselves feel important. The world is getting more crazy everyday and men are a big part of all the problems in this tired world.

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