Seek Justice for Cat Allegedly Thrown to Ground and Abused to Death

Target: Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister of Thailand

Goal: Ensure the alleged abuser of a cat in Phuket is held accountable.

A distressing incident in Phuket has come to light, stirring outrage and calling for justice. A Thai man, reportedly a police officer, was allegedly captured on video abusing a white cat named Auan, leading to its death. Eyewitnesses, including a Russian couple, reportedly saw the man throw the cat to the ground multiple times before allowing a pack of dogs to maul it, actions that were apparently captured on video.

The Soi Dog Foundation, with whom the cat was registered, confirmed these disturbing events and plans to initiate legal proceedings. The foundation, along with Auan’s owner, La-ongdao, and concerned community members, are urging for immediate and decisive action. This incident reportedly took place early in the morning in Soi Anusorn, witnessed by residents who were shocked at the apparently cruel treatment meted out to a defenseless animal.

This grievous act of alleged animal cruelty not only ended the life of Auan, a beloved local pet, but also highlighted a pressing need for stringent enforcement of animal welfare laws. It is imperative that those who are suspected of such egregious acts are held accountable to prevent future occurrences. The community’s trust in local law enforcement is at stake, as is the safety and well-being of other animals in the area. Ensure that local authorities seek accountability for the alleged perpetrator.


Dear PM Thavisin,

We are writing to express our profound shock and distress over the alleged brutal abuse of a white cat named Auan, reportedly by a member of your police force in the Chalong sub-district of Phuket. This incident, which was allegedly captured on video, has caused considerable public outrage and demands your immediate attention.

According to eyewitness accounts and video evidence, the cat was thrown violently to the ground multiple times before being thrown to a pack of dogs. These actions reportedly led to the cat’s death, a fact confirmed later when the animal’s remains were returned to its owner in a condition that suggests it might not have been dead at the time it was discarded. This alleged act of cruelty not only violates basic ethical standards but also contravenes laws designed to protect animals from such brutal treatment.

We urge you to take swift and decisive action to encourage an investigation into this matter. It is crucial that the individual allegedly involved is held accountable under the law to ensure that justice is served and to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The community’s trust in the ability of local authorities to protect all its members, including animals, depends heavily on the outcome of this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: نمير أبو منشار


  1. Manitou CalmStorm says:

    This worthless piece of dog shit needs to be shackled, both wrists and ankles and throw his worthless ass to a pack of lions. This thing has no right to live. If he kills, so, he should be killed.

  2. poor cat poor creature worthless police officer . The policeman is an danger for humans too. because he is a sadist.

  3. Shame on him, suppose to serve and protect but given his vile and sadistic nature, he poses a menace to society and all living being (fyi all lives matter!) instead! Please remove this trash from the street immediately! REST IN PEACE beloved kitty Auan <3

  4. Cut its throat and throw it in the bay for the sharks.

  5. Lesley Rodgers says:

    The man who tortured this poor innocent cat causing it to die in agony, must be prosecuted fully, and fired from his job. He should become unemployable because he is obviously an evil person. He should be put in prison for a long time. Proper justice would be for him to be slammed to the ground a few times and thrown to a pack of large wild carnivores.

  6. Jane Ramsay says:

    Please help bring this abuser to justice

  7. Sophie D. says:

    Atrocious to the extreme! As a loyal supporter of Soi Dog Foundation for over a decade, I urge the authorities to fully investigate this matter and prosecute this police officer to the fullest extent of the law. Police officers must be held to an even higher standard given the role they play in society. This is just unconscionable!!

  8. i hope these people make this scum bag pay. hopefully their laws are stronger than the bull shit ones we have here.

  9. This individual has no humanity and no right to be in law enforcement. Fire him immediately, ensure that he never holds any type of government job and post that his photo as an animal abuser.

  10. Ejohnson says:

    This piece of crap abuser needs his Achilles tendon cut and then left for whatever animal wants to finish him off

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