Demand Justice for Dog Thrown from High-Rise Building

Target: Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, India

Goal: Find and ensure stringent punishment for the perpetrator of the dog’s death.

In a shocking incident captured on video at Ajnara Homes, Greater Noida of Uttar Pradesh, India, a dog’s bloodied carcass was found after it was apparently thrown from a high-rise building. This heinous act, captured in a viral video, shows the tremendous suffering the animal endured before its tragic demise. The community and animal rights organizations demand justice and a rigorous investigation to hold the responsible party accountable.

The details surrounding this cruelty are disturbing. The video, which spread rapidly online, prompted immediate action from local authorities and animal welfare organizations like PETA India. A first information report was promptly filed, and an investigation is underway under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, highlighting the seriousness of the act. The incident has stirred considerable outrage and a call for stronger penalties to deter such cruelty in the future.

This case underscores the broader societal issue of animal cruelty and its implications. Research indicates that individuals who abuse animals may also pose a significant risk to humans. Strengthening the legal framework to address such acts of violence is imperative for community safety. Urge for a thorough investigation, appropriate psychiatric evaluation, and counseling for the eventual suspect, and a reevaluation of penalties under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, to reflect the severity of such crimes.


Dear CM Adityanath,

We are writing to express our deep concern and outrage over the recent incident involving a dog thrown from a high-rise building in Ajnara Homes, which was captured on video and has since sparked widespread condemnation. This act of cruelty not only resulted in the tragic death of an innocent animal but also marks a disturbing violation of both legal and moral standards in our community.

We urge you to ensure that this case is treated with the utmost seriousness it warrants, leveraging all available resources to investigate and prosecute the individual(s) responsible for this cruel act. It is crucial that the investigation is thorough and that the legal proceedings reflect the heinous nature of the crime, including appropriate psychiatric assessments and counseling for the perpetrator to address the underlying issues leading to such violent behavior.

Lastly, we implore you to consider the broader implications of animal cruelty and its potential progression to more severe crimes. Strengthening the penalties under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and ensuring rigorous enforcement of these laws are essential steps towards creating a safer, more compassionate society. We count on your leadership to send a clear message that cruelty towards animals will not be tolerated and that justice will be served in this and all such cases.


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Photo credit: Pickpik


  1. Disgusting pos monster! It’s time for death penalties for these non humans. NOTHING will change them.

  2. Sorry, but conselling wont make evil unevil, whoever did this is a monster and full of poison, thats not curable. They dont deserve to walk this earth, end of.

  3. Lesley Rodgers says:

    I do NOT agree to counselling for the evil scum who murdered this poor dog. Counselling will do nothing! Whoever did this is pure evil and cannot be redeemed by counselling or anything else, they are made evil and will stay that way. Execution is the only sure way to stop this person. However, failing that they should be put in prison for a long time.

  4. The only form of “counselling” that is needed here is the immediate throwing of the person involved off an even higher high rise building…to give him more time to think about his actions on the way down…

  5. wow seems like a lot of shit jumping off in india lately. guess they are not as peaceful as people believe them to be.

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    This horrible, ugly monster deserves the same treatment! Poor, innocent dog didn’t deserve this awful fate. Throw the creep in jail for a very long time. Get him out of society.

  7. Although I know there are animal advocates in India, there is entirely too many reports coming out of India similar to the above. It sickens and disgusts me that across cast and economic lines, the cruelty and ignorance abounds.

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