Seek Justice for Alleged Brutal Beating of Golden Retriever on Camera

Target: Nayab Singh Saini, Chief Minister of Haryana, India

Goal: Punish the alleged abuser and protect animals from cruelty.

A harrowing incident involving a Golden Retriever and its alleged abuser inside an elevator in Gurugram of India’s Haryana has sparked widespread condemnation and a call for justice. According to a viral video, a man, believed to be a dog walker, was reportedly seen repeatedly thrashing the dog, raising serious concerns about animal welfare in our communities. This alleged act of cruelty captured in distressing CCTV footage underscores an urgent need for a stricter legal framework to protect defenseless animals from such horrific treatment.

Further investigation into the footage reveals the severity of the reported assault, as the dog appears to cower and recoil with each strike. This incident not only highlights the immediate harm apparently inflicted upon the animal but also raises questions about the broader implications of such actions on animal behavior and societal safety. The visual evidence has been instrumental in bringing this case to light, emphasizing the necessity of public vigilance and responsible pet ownership.

The need for action is clear: this case should serve as a catalyst for strengthening animal protection laws and ensuring that such acts of alleged cruelty are met with appropriate legal repercussions. Take decisive action to address this grievance, ensuring justice for the victim and deterring future incidents of a similar nature.


Dear CM Saini,

We are writing to you today, deeply troubled by the recent viral footage which reportedly shows a man brutally assaulting a Golden Retriever inside an elevator in Gurugram. This alleged act of cruelty has not only caused significant distress within the community but has also highlighted potential gaps in our legal system regarding animal welfare protections.

The video, which has garnered considerable attention online, depicts what appears to be a deliberate and repeated attack on a defenseless animal. Such behavior not only harms the animal but could potentially foster an environment where such cruelty becomes normalized if not adequately addressed. It is imperative that this alleged incident be thoroughly investigated, and if found true, that it be met with stringent legal action to reaffirm our societal commitment to compassion and justice for all beings.

In light of these disturbing allegations, we urge you to take immediate and decisive action. We request that a full investigation be conducted into this matter, and should these allegations be substantiated, that appropriate charges be filed against the individual involved to ensure that justice is served. This case presents an opportunity to set a precedent that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in our society.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Kintaiyo


  1. Ejohnson says:

    Beat the cruel piece of crap that abused this dog until he can’t walk

  2. India again, 2 dog torture petitions in a row. Shame on you all

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    Beat this freak with a steel bat!! What a disgusting pos monster who needs to be taken out of society!!

  4. I honestly am beginning to believe there are more 2-legged emotionless, savage, cruel animals with no capacity for empathy or compassion in India than 4-legged ones.

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