Cats Apparently Tortured and Left to Die in Pools of Blood Deserve Justice

Target: George L. Savvides, Attorney General of the Republic of Cyprus

Goal: Prosecute the alleged perpetrators of cat killings and ensure such atrocities do not recur.

Social media reports allege a horrific incident involving the torture and death of five cats near the abandoned “Land of the Kings” hotel by the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos. Allegedly, a group of individuals brutally assaulted these defenseless animals, leaving them to die in pools of blood, a scene described by witnesses as gruesome.

Law enforcement responded promptly to calls from concerned citizens, revealing a deeply troubled community shaken by this alleged cruelty. The deceased cats are currently under examination by veterinary authorities, underscoring the seriousness of this incident. Social media platforms have erupted with calls from outraged citizens for justice and preventive measures against such barbarity.

This alleged act of cruelty has not only shocked the local community but also raised significant concerns about animal safety and welfare in the area. It is imperative that swift action be taken to address these allegations, ensure justice for the victims, and implement stronger protections for animals to prevent similar incidents. Take decisive steps towards these ends.


Dear Attorney General Savvides,

We are writing to bring your attention to an alleged incident of extreme animal cruelty that has recently come to light through social media and witness accounts. Reportedly, five cats were tortured and killed in a horrifying manner near the derelict “Land of the Kings” hotel, close to the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos. This alleged act has caused considerable distress and outrage among the public and raises serious questions about animal safety and welfare in the region.

The details of this case, as reported, suggest a shocking level of brutality – the animals were allegedly beaten severely and left to die in pools of their own blood. Such acts of cruelty cannot go unaddressed. We urge you to take swift and effective legal action against those allegedly responsible for this heinous act to serve as a deterrent against future atrocities.

As a community deeply concerned about the welfare of all living beings, we implore you to ensure that this investigation is thorough and that those found responsible are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We also advocate for the implementation of stronger animal protection laws to safeguard against such incidents in the future. Your action on this matter is crucial for restoring faith in our justice system and for preventing such incidents from recurring.


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Photo credit: Sergey Kochkarev


  1. The only way to stop brutality such as this is with swift punishment. Trying to educate people, especially in some countries,to value animals and their lives is necessary, but that can take a long time. Severe punishment of those responsible for torturing and killing animals must be done in the here and now.

    • These scumbags can never be reformed in any way as their brains are warped!
      They will continue to torture and abuse whatever.
      The only way these sub-human sick brained turds will be made to stop is when they are dead.
      Maybe seems extreme but true!
      New laws MUST be drawn up strong enough to stop these tossers in their tracks. Petition governments and judicial systems everywhere until they have to listen and respond accordingly. Or gangs, mobs or vigilante groups formed to take these pieces of crap out permanently. This is the only way these pricks ( men or woman) are going to be stopped!!

    • Linda Hayes says:

      You are soooo right Laurie, but it seems to fall on deaf ears where animal cruelty is so prevalent. If they would only allow the public, or those of us that care for, and have so much love and compassion for animals to “fix” the situation, I’d dare say it wouldn’t take long and those offending animals would get the message in a hurry.

    • Sharon Slocum says:

      And like for like punishment or it won’t stop. Burn they get a scarring burn, amputate they…The torturers… get the same..cut.. they get the same. If not this will never stop. This needs to stop!!

  2. It’s a well-traveled area, lots of people with cameras, tourists, delivery people. Surely someone witnessed it. Surely there is CCTV for the police to use to find the abusers of this horrific atrocity. What’s the delay? Fime them, imprison them, make them accountable.

  3. Evelyn Ball says:

    The human garbage responsible in this shithole country should die the same way.

  4. 🤬💨Hopefully there are cameras or someone saw something! Whomever responsible must pay!! Do time & be forced mental help! This could be a future serial killer



  6. Shawna Flottemesch says:

    I find them I’m skins boil and eat the help human waste. Also kill their kids

  7. Dennis Busto says:

    An eye for an eye fits this crime n should be the punishment. Absolutely No Tolerance Towards Animal ABUSERS n Cruelty. Paws Matter 🐾

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