Punish Men Accused of Cruelly Poaching and Killing Deer and Porcupine

Target: Ryan Ziegler, Kalkaska County District Attorney

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution and punishment for those involved in the illegal hunting and cruelty to animals.

Recent arrests in Kalkaska County, Michigan, have brought to light disturbing allegations of wildlife mistreatment. Nicholas Patnode and Zander Garrett were apprehended following a thorough investigation by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, sparked by a poaching hotline tip. These men are accused of several illegal acts, including the inhumane killing of wildlife, most notably a porcupine and at least six deer.

The details emerging from the investigation are alarming. One particularly egregious act apparently involved shooting a nine-point buck from the window of a moving truck, demonstrating a blatant disregard for legal hunting practices and animal welfare. Further, the two men allegedly engaged in the cruel killing of a porcupine, actions which are part of the broader charges that include felony animal cruelty.

These alleged actions underscore a severe problem that transcends mere illegal hunting—they highlight a disturbing disrespect for life and the law. Strong legal action is essential, not only to bring justice in this case but to deter similar behavior by others. Call for strict legal actions.


Dear DA Ryan Ziegler,

We are writing to express our deep concern and to urge you to take decisive action regarding the alleged illegal hunting and animal cruelty activities uncovered in your jurisdiction. As revealed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Nicholas Patnode and Zander Garrett face serious allegations, including the inhumane treatment of wildlife which cannot be overlooked or treated leniently.

These individuals are accused of illegal acts that include the killing of at least six deer and the cruel death of a porcupine, activities which demonstrate a flagrant violation of both ethical hunting norms and legal statutes. The severity and nature of these allegations require a robust legal response to ensure justice is served and to set a precedent that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Therefore, we implore you to pursue the maximum possible penalties for these alleged crimes and to ensure that this case is treated with the seriousness it warrants. We trust that your office will act to uphold justice and apply the necessary legal measures to prevent future occurrences of such reprehensible acts.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Ejohnson says:

    Leave the “hunters” tied to a tree in the woods where there are predators with claws and let those “animals” decide on justice

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