Exotic Animal Abuse in Entertainment Deserves Immediate Attention

Target: Governor Wes Moore, Maryland

Goal: Impose stricter penalties and ensure rigorous enforcement of the exotic animal ban in entertainment.

Maryland’s decision to ban exotic animals in circuses and traveling shows marks a significant step towards animal welfare. Reportedly, these animals, including big cats, bears, nonhuman primates, and elephants, have endured various forms of mistreatment and exploitation in entertainment venues. Advocates and citizens alike have long condemned these practices, calling them relics of a shameful past.

Details emerging from advocacy groups suggest these animals were subject to torment and undue stress, often for the amusement of an audience. The enforcement of a new law, backed by a $2,000 civil penalty for violators, aims to curb such alleged abuse. However, the apparent emotional scars and physical toll on these animals highlight the need for penalties, stringent oversight, and stricter regulations.

As society progresses, the ethical treatment of all creatures must be a paramount concern. The alleged suffering of these majestic creatures underlines the urgent need for change. This petition seeks to uphold the new law and push for its rigorous enforcement and possibly even harsher penalties to prevent future alleged abuses.


Dear Governor Wes Moore,

As you know, Maryland has taken a commendable step by banning the use of exotic animals in circuses and traveling shows. This legislation is crucial, as it allegedly ends the mistreatment and exploitation of animals for entertainment—practices that have no place in our modern society.

However, while the legislation is a strong start, the alleged historical abuse and torment faced by these animals necessitate stronger actions. We urge you to consider not only the enforcement of this ban but also the implementation of stricter penalties and more comprehensive oversight mechanisms. Such measures would ensure that the spirit of the law is fully realized and that no future animal suffers as those in the past allegedly have.

We, the undersigned, ask that you take these steps to safeguard these vulnerable members of the animal kingdom and set a precedent for other states to follow. Let us be the leaders in ethical entertainment and animal welfare. Thank you for your attention to this critically important issue.


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  1. Anyone who needs to use animals clearly has no talent of their own and shouldnt be a performer

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