Reported Poisoning of Beloved Pets Demands Immediate Attention

Target: Victoria Prentis, Attorney General for England and Wales

Goal: Investigate and prosecute those responsible for the alleged poisoning of pets at Minster Leas.

The sudden death of two cherished dogs, reportedly poisoned during a routine walk at Minster Leas, has shocked a community and sparked outrage. Allegedly, after an ordinary morning stroll, the owner discovered his pets lifeless at home, showing signs of severe distress and vomiting, indicative of poisoning. Veterinary insights have suggested the cause might be rat poison, though the exact source remains uncertain.

Further distress was felt when no clear evidence could be found as to where the poisoning might have occurred. The affected pets, both of considerable age and part of the owner’s family for years, exhibited no prior symptoms, which points to a sudden and acute incident. This tragic event raises significant concerns about public safety and animal welfare in popular community spaces.

The urgency of addressing potential risks in community areas where pets and people frequent is evident. Immediate action is required to investigate these allegations thoroughly and to implement preventive measures to protect other animals and residents. Ensure that any party found responsible, through a diligent and comprehensive investigation, faces legal consequences.


Dear Attorney General Victoria Prentis,

We are writing to you engulfed in deep concern and seeking your urgent attention regarding a disturbing incident that resulted in the alleged poisoning deaths of two beloved dogs at Minster Leas. This heartbreaking event not only robbed a pet owner of his cherished companions but also highlighted potential dangers lurking in community spaces supposedly safe for family and pets.

The pets involved, both well-loved and integral to their family, tragically died after what was meant to be a joyful walk on a popular local beach. Preliminary veterinary reports suggest poisoning by substances akin to rat poison, raising alarms about public safety and animal welfare in the area. Such incidents undermine community trust and safety, warranting prompt and rigorous investigation.

Given the circumstances, we implore you to take immediate action. We demand a comprehensive investigation into these allegations and, if negligence or malice is found, appropriate legal action against those responsible. It is crucial to ensure that our community spaces remain safe for all residents and their pets.


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Photo credit: Genadi Yakovlev

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