Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Tortured With Broken Limbs and Head Injuries

Target: Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, India

Goal: Secure immediate action against the perpetrator of alleged animal cruelty in Jagatpuri.

In a disturbing incident in Jagatpuri, east Delhi, a dog was reportedly subjected to severe abuse, which was captured on CCTV. The footage allegedly shows a person mercilessly beating the dog with a stick, resulting in grave injuries including a broken leg and head trauma. This seemingly egregious act of violence, spotlighted through social media, has triggered widespread condemnation and a call for strict legal repercussions.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, along with local activists, has taken a stand by filing a report under pertinent sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Despite these efforts, the alleged abuser remains at large, prompting PETA to offer a reward for information leading to their arrest and conviction. This case seemingly underlines a troubling link between animal abuse and potential harm to humans, suggesting a deep-seated psychological issue.

The community’s moral and legal obligation to protect its most vulnerable members, including animals, necessitates rigorous enforcement of animal welfare laws. Ensuring justice in this case not only addresses the immediate cruelty but also serves as a deterrent against future acts of violence. Locate and prosecute the alleged perpetrator, reinforcing a zero-tolerance stance against animal cruelty.


Dear CM Kejriwal,

We, the undersigned, are deeply troubled by the reported incident of animal cruelty in Jagatpuri, where a dog was severely beaten, as allegedly shown in recent CCTV footage. This apparent act of brutality, resulting in critical injuries to the dog, calls for urgent and decisive action from your office.

The details of this case, as filed by PETA India and local activist Divyansh Sharma, indicate a violation of both the Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. It is imperative that the police apply the full strength of the law to investigate, apprehend, and prosecute the individual responsible for such a heinous act. The community’s trust in the system’s ability to protect its voiceless creatures rests on the efficacy of these actions.

We urge you to prioritize this case and ensure that the perpetrator is brought to justice swiftly. Such enforcement not only addresses the crime at hand but also reinforces the message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated. We count on your leadership to uphold the law and safeguard all beings from abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Kian


  1. This abuser remains at large. He can’t be found? This man will do this again and again until you stop him. You must have laws to protect the innocent. Use them, enforce them and make the law force this poor excuse for a human into court to answer for his actions and pay with his freedom for his actions. His actions caused grave harm, pain, and most likely death. This is not the way civilized society works. No one on earth can cause this harm and remain free to do it again. This person can not be trusted to act in a responsible manner toward people or animals. This man is an example of how the human is the lowest form of animal.

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    Find this monster and make an example of him by punishing him severely. The only way abuses will stop is to harshly punish people and let the public know, animal abuse will not be tolerated!

  3. Shame on your nation, too much of this and the world is watching you all. We dont forget we dont forgive

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