Demand Justice for Dog Reportedly Swung Around by Collar

Target: Victoria Prentis, Attorney General for England and Wales

Goal: Ensure safety for dog allegedly swung by the leash and strict legal consequences for the accused perpetrator.

A deeply troubling incident occurred at Harford Park in Tuckswood, where a video allegedly captured a 13-year-old girl spinning a dog in circles by its neck. In the footage, the dog appears to fly about 20 feet through the air, landing with a thud. The footage has sparked widespread outrage and concern for the welfare of the animal involved.

Despite the shocking nature of the act, the response has been notably mild. The teenagers allegedly involved were interviewed by police and given community resolutions, a measure typically reserved for first offenses by minors. This leniency has raised questions about the effectiveness of such resolutions in preventing further acts of cruelty and ensuring justice.

The necessity for more stringent legal action is clear. The community and advocates, including Hayley Pattrick from Norfolk Greyhound Rescue, are calling for the dog to be removed from the current environment and rehomed. The alleged incident not only violates the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 but also exposes the need for a reevaluation of how young offenders are handled in cases of animal cruelty. Take swift action against the alleged crime.


Dear Attorney General Victoria Prentis,

We are writing to express our profound concern and dismay over the handling of a recent incident involving alleged animal cruelty at Harford Park in Tuckswood. A video that surfaced online reportedly shows a 13-year-old girl swinging a dog by its collar, resulting in the animal being thrown through the air. This act, which has been met with widespread shock and condemnation, raises serious questions about the effectiveness of community resolutions in cases involving animal welfare.

It is imperative that the Norfolk Police take immediate action to reassess the situation. The dog, which was reportedly unharmed, must be evaluated by independent experts to ensure its well-being and removed from an environment where its safety cannot be guaranteed. The use of community resolutions in such serious cases must also be scrutinized, as they may not suffice to prevent future cruelty or teach the necessary lessons about compassion and responsibility.

We urge you to implement more robust measures that reflect the severity of the alleged wrongdoing and align with the public’s expectation for justice and animal welfare. It is crucial that this case be handled with the seriousness it deserves to prevent a recurrence of such acts and to foster a community that respects and protects all its members, human and animal alike.


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Photo credit: Luto Photography

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  1. And here we are again, with police and judiciary utterly failing to use the laws in place, likes its too much bother. Welcome to uk, we dont care a toss for any victims, scum welcome and free to do your worst because we never punish! Victims can just suck it up and count the costs of your abuse and its all good(for you perps anyhow!) Just pray the tables never turn as dont think justice will serve you if you are ever a victim, as we in power dont care a toss about suffering. We want an easy life for our wages so do what you wanf, we wont go after you! Its too much trouble. And you thought the wild west was bad!! You aint see nothing like uk 2024!

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