Street Dog Allegedly Thrashed and Thrown in Sack Deserve Justice

Target: Mohan Yadav, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, India

Goal: Ensure strict legal punishment for alleged animal cruelty in Indore.

Two street dogs fell victim to brutal acts in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, with one incident involving a dog mowed down by an auto driver and another distressing case where a dog was viciously beaten and discarded in a sack, according to reports. These appalling events reportedly took place under circumstances that have drawn attention from local authorities and animal rights activists. The severity of these actions has sparked outrage, prompting demands for justice and strict enforcement of animal cruelty laws.

In one case, a dog was allegedly run over deliberately by an auto, while another reportedly experienced equally horrific treatment as it was beaten and then thrown away like trash. Both instances are under investigation, with cases filed under the Prevention of Cruelty Act and the IPC. These alleged acts of cruelty not only reveal a grave lack of empathy and respect for life but also highlight the urgent need for stronger enforcement of laws protecting animal welfare.

This call for justice isn’t just about punishing wrongdoing; it’s about affirming our societal values that condemn cruelty and champion compassion. Our demand is clear: those responsible for these alleged heinous acts must face the full extent of the law. Ensure such cruelty is met with stringent legal repercussions, setting a precedent that such behavior will not be tolerated.


Dear CM Mohan Yadav,

We are writing to express our deep concern and outrage over the recent cases of animal cruelty reported in Indore. The alleged acts, one involving an auto driver reportedly mowing down two street dogs, and another concerning a man who brutally thrashed a dog before stashing it in a sack and disposing of it, are not only shocking but intolerable.

These cases have been brought to light by dedicated animal activists and are now under your jurisdiction for action. The details of these cases, as reported, paint a disturbing picture of violence and neglect that demands urgent and serious attention. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of our legal system in protecting the most vulnerable among us.

We implore you to ensure that these cases are pursued with the utmost diligence and that the alleged perpetrators are held accountable under the fullest extent of the law. We trust that your office will act swiftly in these matters to set a strong example that such acts of alleged cruelty will face serious legal consequences.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Corey Seeman


  1. This is a shame for both animals. Why do people have to harm others? They are weaklings attacking and harming those who have done nothing to them. Why? Are these people mental? They must need medical help? If so they need to be confined to a place, or room, where they can be watched and they can be medicated. To run over a dog for no reason is suspect. Most street dogs I see in pictures avoid people in India like the plaque. Dogs are not liked in India. That is a brutal way to die. But then someone else beat a dog so badly, then put him in a sack and threw him away like trash. The dog is not trash. Karma will be a constant companion for the person or persons doing such wicked harm to another living being.

  2. good luck if you think anything will be done. these poor animals suffer everyday and the penalties for those who do this are slim to none.

  3. POS all animal abusers should be beaten and abused! They’re nothing but vile monsters disguised as human.

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