Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Dragged by Animal Control Officer

Target: Roxanne Pergeson, District Attorney of Winslow, Arizona

Goal: Ensure accountability and appropriate legal action for the alleged animal abuse by an officer.

In a troubling event captured on video in Winslow, an animal control officer is allegedly seen dragging a large dog, which was breathing heavily, with a catch pole. Eyewitnesses expressed immediate concern, warning the officer, who seemingly nonchalantly dismissed the severity of his actions. This purported incident, which occurred near Apache Road and Cherry Street, has sparked an outcry for justice and a thorough investigation.

Further details reveal the officer was dispatched to the area to address a roaming dog. After capturing the dog, the officer is allegedly seen dragging it to an impound vehicle, despite visible signs of distress from the animal. An animal abuse complaint was filed shortly after, prompting police to launch an investigation into the matter. A veterinarian later examined the dog, who was reportedly found in good health, yet the public’s concern for the treatment of the animal remains high.

It is imperative that this incident not be overlooked or dismissed. The alleged actions of the officer, if true, not only compromise the safety and well-being of animals but also erode public trust in those tasked with their care. Demand a transparent investigation and, if the allegations are substantiated, appropriate legal action against the officer involved.


Dear DA Roxanne Pergeson,

We are deeply concerned by the recent incident involving an animal control officer from your department, who was reportedly captured on video dragging a dog with a catch pole. This video, which has been widely circulated, shows the animal in apparent distress, struggling to breathe while being handled in a manner that could be perceived as unnecessarily harsh and potentially abusive.

The public’s trust in your department is at stake, as is the well-being of the animals under your jurisdiction. It is crucial that this matter be addressed with the utmost seriousness and transparency. An internal investigation is a positive step, but it must be thorough and its findings shared openly with the community to restore confidence and ensure accountability.

We urge you to take immediate action to investigate this incident and, if the allegations are confirmed, to apply the appropriate legal and disciplinary measures against the officer involved. The community relies on your leadership to uphold standards of humane treatment and justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ


  1. In today’s world anything is possible. I hope this is not the case here but I doubt that. Why people who set up to help animals end up hurting them is beyond belief. I hope there is an investigation and a reason for all this. We need officers who are dedicated and offer assistance instead of abuse. I also hope the dog in question was checked out and was in distress with breathing which has by now been medically treated.

  2. luckily this dog survived. you see these clowns who should not have this job cause the death of these dogs because of mistreatment. first he should lose his job, then convict and arrest this jerk or better yet drag him across the ground using a rope around his neck. this stuff gets so old that there is very few places to turn anymore to get justice for these animals. these people are cowards and if you call out a coward and kick their ass they always slither away and that is a fact!

    • Very well said. Agree with you. I would choose the 2nd suggestion(drag him using a rope around his neck).

  3. fuck all you guys, how about we drag you guys with a rope around your neck

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