Cattle Allegedly Starved and Neglected on Farm Deserve Justice

Target: Todd McClay, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Forestry, New Zealand

Goal: Enforce stricter animal welfare oversight and penalties to prevent farm animal neglect.

A distressing situation has unfolded at a Waikato cattle farm where the Quigley family allegedly failed to meet the basic needs of their livestock, leading to severe neglect and the deaths of several animals. Inspections by animal welfare officers and a veterinarian reportedly uncovered dire conditions on the 26-hectare Matamata property owned by Shane Ross Quigley, Colin Ross Quigley, and Margaret Heather Quigley. They reportedly discovered numerous cattle emaciated, suffering from lack of food and proper care, which led to a series of preventable deaths.

These inspections allegedly revealed that the farm was severely overstocked, with about 179 cattle struggling on insufficient pasture. This alleged mismanagement resulted in 39 cattle being visually identified as emaciated during the initial visit, and a young bull, a Limousin cow, and a young heifer needing to be euthanized due to their poor condition from worms and starvation. The family was directed to address these apparent welfare issues immediately; however, further inspections reportedly revealed continued neglect.

The tragedy at the Quigley farm reportedly illustrates a grave breach of animal welfare standards, which seemingly resulted in unnecessary suffering and death. This case underscores the urgent need for stronger enforcement of animal welfare laws to ensure that such negligence does not go unpunished. Take immediate action to hold those accountable and implement stricter regulations to prevent such incidents.


Dear Minister Todd McClay,

We are writing to bring to your attention a grave incident of alleged animal neglect and mistreatment at a Waikato cattle farm, which resulted in the suffering and deaths of several animals. The owners, the Quigley family, reportedly failed to provide adequate care and sustenance for their livestock, apparently leading to conditions of severe emaciation and health decline that necessitated the euthanization of multiple animals. This situation reportedly occurred despite the family being legally directed to rectify the inadequate conditions found during initial inspections.

It is distressing to learn that the Quigleys allegedly neglected their duties towards their animals, raising serious concerns about the efficacy of current monitoring and enforcement mechanisms for animal welfare. The reported oversight allowed many cattle to suffer needlessly, highlighting a major shortfall in our system that needs immediate rectification. We urge you to take a strong stance and ensure comprehensive actions are enforced to safeguard the welfare of farm animals across the nation.

In light of these troubling allegations, we, the undersigned, demand that the responsible authorities not only re-evaluate but also strengthen the enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act. We call for increased inspections, stricter penalties, and a more proactive approach in preventing animal neglect. We must uphold a standard of care and respect for all animals to prevent negligence from recurring.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Sarah Macmillan

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  1. These folks can’t care for their animals? Take away the animals to allow them to live some of their lives without the family who obviously has faulty memories … all of them!

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