Alleged Abuse at Dairy Farm Calls for Immediate Legal Action

Target: Lana Popham MLA, Minister of Agriculture, British Columbia, Canada

Goal: Enforce legal consequences for alleged animal abuse at a dairy farm.

Shocking undercover footage has allegedly captured severe animal abuse at Canada’s largest dairy farm, sparking widespread public outrage and calls for accountability. The video, released by Mercy for Animals Canada, reportedly shows dairy cows being whipped, beaten with chains, and kicked. The distressing visuals appear to show cows with open wounds and injuries, adding urgency to the demands for justice.

Allegedly, further details indicate that these cows were not only beaten but also subjected to cruel handling methods, such as being lifted by their necks with chains and tractors. This treatment reportedly occurred despite existing Canadian Code of Practice standards for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle. The revelations have led to significant consequences for the farm, including a major processor refusing to accept its milk, leading to its destruction due to lack of market.

This situation highlights a crucial gap between existing animal welfare standards and their enforcement. To prevent such alleged abuses in the future, the Canadian Code of Practice must be immediately adopted into B.C. law. Ensure that those allegedly responsible are held accountable and that rigorous animal welfare standards are enforced consistently.


Dear Minister Lana Popham MLA,

We write to you, shocked and deeply concerned by recent undercover footage that reportedly shows egregious animal abuse at Canada’s largest dairy farm. This video allegedly reveals dairy cows being subjected to brutal treatment, including being whipped, beaten with chains, kicked, and lifted by their necks using tractors. Such actions, if true, are not only inhumane but also a violation of the trust placed in our agricultural practices.

The public reaction has been one of horror and disbelief, leading to significant market actions, including major processors refusing milk from the implicated farm. While we commend the initial steps taken by industry stakeholders, including the suspension of milk pickup and the call for additional audits, these measures alone are insufficient to address the allegations’ severity.

We urge you to take immediate action to ensure that the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle is adopted into B.C. law, making compliance mandatory and enforceable. It is imperative that we establish stringent, enforceable standards to prevent the recurrence of such alleged abuses. We demand a thorough investigation and strict legal action against those allegedly involved in the mistreatment of these animals.


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Photo credit: Lauren Hedges


  1. It’s so sickening to see and read how this farm treats these cows and calves.

  2. The way in which we treat our animals is showing the way in which we feel about life. What do we value? Humans are selfish. Humans want everything no matter who may have to do without in order for them to have more. Humans multiply like rabbits. More and more people. Earth can’t handle that amount of people. Humans want to spread out, live big, all at the right price. Humans are leaving animals no room., no home, no habitat, no trees, woods, nothing. We don’t have foresight or we would be smart enough to see we live better when others live better. Those others are not humans. Earth is beautiful, ocean species are incredible, animals and wildlife make our world better for us. All are welcome, all but humans as they don’t have the presence to share!

  3. Please stop this sickening cruelty at the farm. Justice for these poor animals, send all the perps to jail and ban them from mending animals in future permanently!

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    This is why factory farms need to be done away with! Workers at these places don’t care one bit about the welfare of the innocent animals forced to be in these hell holes. Go vegan,save the animals!!

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