Maltese Pup Allegedly Slapped on Head by Groomer Deserves Justice

Target: Mark Dreyfus, Attorney General of Australia

Goal: Ensure rigorous legal consequences for alleged animal cruelty by groomers.

An alarming incident allegedly occurred during a dog grooming session where a Maltese Shih Tzu named Luffy reportedly suffered abuse. The groomer, a 31-year-old woman, is charged with cruel treatment of the animal. The alleged abuse was captured on CCTV, showing the groomer’s aggressive behavior towards Luffy, including slapping him on the head and inappropriately lifting him by the ears.

Further details of the alleged abuse reveal that as the session progressed, the groomer reportedly became more agitated, throwing the small dog down forcefully and pinning him under her body weight. Luffy’s desperate attempts to escape were reportedly met with more force, escalating to him being carried by his lead in a manner that tightened it around his neck, and then being thrown into his cage. When returned to his owner, Luffy was reportedly shaky and had sustained an eye injury.

These actions break the trust that pet owners place in professional groomers and highlight a severe breach of ethical treatment. Allegedly, Luffy was left terrified and injured, with no way to communicate his distress. Those entrusted with the care of animals must uphold their duty to treat them with kindness and respect. Ensure that such alleged cruelty does not go unpunished to prevent future incidents.


Dear Attorney General Mark Dreyfus,

We are writing to bring your attention to an alarming case of alleged animal cruelty that demands immediate and serious legal intervention. The incident involves a dog groomer who reportedly abused a small dog named Luffy during a grooming session. This act of cruelty was allegedly captured on CCTV footage, which showed the groomer slapping, throwing, and inappropriately restraining the dog. These actions reportedly left him visibly distressed and physically harmed.

The trust that pet owners place in grooming professionals is fundamental. When this trust is allegedly breached violently, stringent measures must be taken to ensure justice and prevent future occurrences. We urge you to apply the full extent of the law in this case, considering the disturbing nature of the allegations and the evidence provided.

In closing, we respectfully request that you pursue all legal avenues to hold the alleged offender accountable, ensuring that Luffy’s case serves as a deterrent to prevent such incidents. We believe that we can only safeguard the welfare of all pets entrusted to grooming professionals through decisive legal action.


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Photo credit: wsilver

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