Family Dog Allegedly Shot in Face During Domestic Dispute Deserves Justice

Target: Jessica Ventiere, Lee County District Attorney, Florida

Goal: Ensure rigorous legal action against alleged animal cruelty.

In a shocking and heartbreaking event in Lehigh Acres, Florida, a small black pitbull named Louie allegedly suffered a gunshot wound to the face. This grievous act reportedly occurred during a domestic dispute and was captured on video surveillance. These allegations point to a deep-rooted issue of violence that demands urgent legal attention.

Further investigation revealed bloody paw prints leading from the scene of the alleged shooting, which was described by authorities as both disturbing and heart-wrenching. The video, too graphic for public release, reportedly shows the violent act against Louie who displayed no aggression and showed only a desire for affection. These details provoke outrage and underscore the need for stringent legal action.

The necessity for legal intervention becomes clear, considering the impact of such violence on community safety and animal welfare. This incident should lead to a robust legal response to protect animals from alleged abuse. Ensure that they are not subjected to such alleged cruelty without severe consequences.


Dear DA Jessica Ventiere,

An appalling act of violence against an innocent animal occurred in Lehigh Acres. A family dog, known as Louie, was allegedly shot in the face during a domestic incident, with the distressing scene caught on surveillance footage. The gravity of these allegations cannot be overstated, as they highlight a potential grievous abuse of animal rights.

Louie was reportedly found by deputies, hiding and bleeding profusely, a clear victim of a heinous act. The visual evidence, as described by Sheriff Carmine Marceno, paints a brutal picture of the ordeal Louie seemingly had to endure. Such alleged cruelty must be met with full legal rigor to prevent such incidents and uphold justice.

We call on your office to take swift and decisive action. We urge you to pursue the strongest possible legal measures against the accused to ensure that justice is served and that a clear message is sent regarding the unacceptability of animal cruelty. This incident must not be overlooked, and we implore you to act with the urgency it warrants.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: tciriello

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