Elderly Elephant Subjected to Alleged Inhumane Torture Deserves Justice

Target: Jayakrishnan V.K, IFS, District Forest Officer, West Tripura, India

Goal: Prosecute and penalize those responsible for the alleged torture of an elderly elephant.

An elderly elephant in India’s Tripura has reportedly endured prolonged and severe mistreatment. Disturbing footage and reports describe the animal suffering from multiple injuries, including a fractured leg and severe malnutrition. This alleged abuse also extended to the elephant’s young calf, highlighting a dire situation of apparent neglect and cruelty.

Activists have stepped in, and the High Court has issued notices demanding action from local authorities. However, the response has been criticized as inadequate, with essential medical care and proper living conditions still lacking. The situation reportedly deteriorated despite multiple complaints, leading to legal action aimed at enforcing animal protection laws.

Immediate and effective intervention is crucial. The alleged negligence and cruelty must be addressed with stringent legal measures to ensure inhuman treatment does not recur. Demand comprehensive accountability and appropriate penalties for the alleged perpetrators to uphold justice and animal welfare standards.


Dear Jayakrishnan V.K,

We write to you today to highlight a pressing issue concerning an elderly elephant in Tripura, which has allegedly suffered from gross mistreatment and neglect. This situation, documented and reported by concerned activists, reveals significant injuries and poor health conditions inflicted on the animal, which are against both ethical and legal standards.

This elephant and her calf reportedly lack proper medical care, adequate food, and humane living conditions. Such treatment violates specific laws intended to protect wildlife and reflects poorly on our society’s values and commitments to animal welfare. As the situation has not improved substantially despite previous interventions, it is clear that more decisive actions are required.

We urgently request that your department takes immediate and forceful action. The alleged perpetrators of this cruelty should face criminal proceedings under the animal protection laws to prevent further abuse and serve as a deterrent to others. We must act swiftly to rectify these wrongs and ensure that all animals under human care receive the respect and treatment they deserve.


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Photo credit: Denish C

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  1. Activists have intervened in the case of the elderly elephant subjected to alleged mistreatment. They have raised awareness about the situation and highlighted the severe injuries and malnutrition suffered by the animals.
    The High Court has issued notices urging local authorities to take action regarding the reported mistreatment. This legal intervention aims to enforce animal protection laws and hold those responsible for the cruelty accountable.
    Despite criticisms of the response by local authorities as inadequate, legal actions have been initiated to address the neglect and abuse faced by the elderly elephant.
    Calls for immediate and effective intervention emphasize the importance of addressing the negligence and cruelty with stringent legal measures to prevent such inhuman treatment from recurring.
    Demands include comprehensive accountability for the alleged perpetrators and appropriate penalties to uphold justice and animal welfare standards. It is crucial to ensure that the rights and well-being of elderly elephants and other animals under human care are protected.

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