Stand Up for Dog Allegedly Kicked and Hit With Piece of Wood

Target: Joseph A. Brusic, Yakima County Prosecutor, Washington

Goal: Implement severe legal consequences for the alleged animal cruelty in Yakima County

Recent reports from Yakima County have surfaced, revealing a disturbing scenario of alleged animal cruelty involving multiple dogs and cats. Three individuals, Norma Lister, David Schuster, and Rachel Stein, face severe allegations, including neglect by seemingly failing to provide essential care and the existence of multiple deceased animals on their property. This case highlights a significant breach of both moral and legal duties towards animals.

Allegedly, the three accused maintained around 20 dogs in dire conditions, with many animals tied up without access to food or water and some kept in a motorhome. Shockingly, visual evidence includes a video reportedly showing a boy abusing a dog, kicking it and hitting it with a piece of wood. These distressing details underline the urgent need for intervention and justice.

The alleged failure of the accused to comply with law enforcement, coupled with the harrowing conditions reportedly observed, compels us to seek immediate and stringent legal repercussions. Demand that those allegedly responsible for such egregious acts of animal cruelty face the full extent of the law.


Dear DA Joseph A. Brusic,

We are deeply concerned by the recent allegations of severe animal cruelty in your jurisdiction, involving Norma Lister, David Schuster, and Rachel Stein. Allegations suggest these individuals grossly neglected the well-being of numerous animals, resulting in horrific living conditions and the death of several dogs and cats. These allegations must be met with rigorous legal scrutiny and appropriate penalties.

Reportedly, the conditions observed on the Meadowbrook Road property were appalling, with animals deprived of basic necessities such as food and water. Additionally, the distressing actions captured on video, reportedly showing a boy physically abusing a dog, raise serious concerns about the environment these animals were subjected to. Such alleged actions not only violate legal standards but also offend basic human decency.

We urge you to ensure that these allegations are thoroughly investigated and, should they be substantiated, to prosecute to the fullest extent possible. The community trusts in your commitment to justice, particularly for those unable to advocate for themselves. We demand that any forms of animal cruelty within Yakima County are met with stringent legal actions to prevent future occurrences.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Blink O’fanaye


  1. Joe – How bad does it have to get before the animal abusers in this world get some time behind bars? Please do the job you were hired to do and get these uneducated assholes sent to jail!

  2. Each perpetrator deserves death

  3. i would get great pleasure beating these scumbags into the pavement and when i am done bring the dog over so he can take a piss on them,.

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