Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Hit With Leash by Caretaker

Target: Advocate Hiten Venegaonkar, Public Prosecutor for the Bombay High Court, Mumbai, India

Goal: Ensure the alleged abuser is held accountable and prevent future cruelty to animals.

In a recent video highlighted by celebrities and shared widely, a caretaker in India’s Mumbai is apparently seen striking a dog named Bira with a leash. This alleged incident has sparked widespread condemnation and calls for justice. The video’s disturbing content seems to showcase a stark disregard for animal welfare, prompting urgent calls for legal repercussions.

Further details provided by witnesses reveal the caretaker’s apparent lack of remorse even when confronted. This incident reportedly occurred while the dog’s owners were away, highlighting a troubling lack of oversight in pet care standards. The caretaker’s continued employment until the owners’ intervention raises serious concerns about the enforcement of animal protection laws.

The urgency of this case underscores the need for immediate action to ensure such alleged acts are not overlooked. Strengthen animal protection laws and ensure better treatment of pets. Catalyze legal proceedings against the alleged perpetrator and foster a safer environment for all animals.


Dear Prosecutor of Mumbai,

We are writing to bring your attention to an alleged incident of animal cruelty that has deeply disturbed the community and animal lovers everywhere. A caretaker in Mumbai is reportedly captured in a video striking a beagle with its leash. This video has elicited strong reactions from the public and celebrities alike, who are now calling for justice and accountability.

This apparent act of cruelty not only harms the animal but also sets a dangerous precedent if left unaddressed. It is imperative that such actions are met with strict legal consequences to deter similar behavior in the future. The community trusts that your office will take swift and decisive action in investigating and prosecuting this case.

We urge you to prioritize this case and ensure that the alleged perpetrator is held accountable. By doing so, you will send a clear message that animal cruelty is a serious offense with serious consequences. This will not only serve justice but also promote a culture of compassion and responsibility towards all living beings.

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Photo credit: Mitch Altman

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