Demand Justice for Buffaloes Allegedly Found Without Water or Food

Target: Kamal B. Trivedi, Advocate General, State of Gujarat, India

Goal: Ensure strict legal consequences for those allegedly responsible for the mistreatment of buffaloes.

In a disturbing incident in the Ahmedabad district of India’s Gujarat, a 21-year-old man from Ramol was reportedly caught transporting five buffaloes in conditions that scream of neglect and cruelty. Allegedly, these animals were tightly bound, and deprived of essential sustenance such as water and fodder, during their transport in a pickup truck. Such an act not only allegedly violates basic ethical standards but also flouts the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, pointing to a serious breach of law and morality.

Details emerged after Kanbha police, acting on a tip-off, intercepted the vehicle en route to Ahmedabad city. The police discovered the buffaloes in a state that seemingly indicates severe mistreatment – confined without adequate space, suggesting they were to be sold at a cattle market in Jamalpur. Allegedly, the truck driver, identified, did not possess the necessary permit for ferrying the animals, further compounding the legal infractions. This incident not only highlights alleged cruelty but also raises questions about the oversight of animal transport and welfare standards.

This apparently blatant disregard for animal welfare and legal statutes necessitates immediate and stringent action. We demand that authorities ensure those allegedly involved in this cruelty face the full weight of the law. Send a clear message against animal mistreatment and uphold the principles of compassion and legality.


Dear AG Kamal B. Trivedi,

We are writing to you about a deeply concerning issue that was recently brought to light by the Kanbha police. A 21-year-old individual from Ramol was reportedly apprehended for transporting five buffaloes under conditions that starkly contravene the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. These animals were allegedly found tightly bound, without access to water or food, in a pickup truck – a situation that no creature should ever endure.

The facts of this case, as reported, reveal not only a grave act of alleged cruelty but also a serious legal infraction. The accused reportedly did not have a permit to transport these animals, and the conditions in which the buffaloes were kept clearly suggest a violation of laws designed to protect animals from suffering and pain. Our legal system must respond swiftly and decisively to such allegations to deter future occurrences and reinforce the sanctity of animal rights.

We urge you to take immediate action against those allegedly involved in this act of cruelty. By ensuring that this case is thoroughly investigated and that appropriate legal measures are taken, we can affirm our commitment to compassion and justice. Such steps are crucial not only for the welfare of animals but also for the moral integrity of our society.


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Photo credit: ILRI

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  1. Did I miss the part which reported that the animals were rescued and by whom, and taken to a Farm Vet for health checks, food and water?

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