Demand Justice for Dogs Abandoned in Woods With Horrific Injuries

Target: William Tong, Attorney General of Connecticut

Goal: Enforce stricter penalties for animal abuse in Connecticut, especially against those involved in dog fighting.

In a shocking incident in Hartford, two pit bulls were discovered abandoned in a wooded area, showing signs of extreme abuse. Photos shared by Desmond’s Army Animal Law Advocates reveal the gruesome extent of their injuries, including ears mauled off and various cuts across their bodies. Such brutality suggests these animals might have been victims of a dog fighting ring, an act of cruelty that has stirred outrage among the community and advocates alike.

Further investigation into this case has prompted Hartford police to probe the circumstances behind the dogs’ injuries. Despite the lack of confirmed involvement in dog fighting, the severity and nature of the wounds indicate a deeply disturbing act of violence against these defenseless animals. One of the dogs’ injuries were so critical that humane euthanasia was deemed the only merciful option. This event not only highlights the immediate need for justice but also raises significant concerns over the prevalence of such heinous acts of animal cruelty.

Desmond’s Army, a prominent animal law advocacy group, has called for tougher penalties on animal abuse within Connecticut, emphasizing the necessity of a robust legal framework to deter future acts of violence against animals. By demanding stringent legal action against those responsible for these atrocities, we can honor the memory of the victims and ensure that such barbarity faces the full force of the law. Amplify this demand, urging immediate and decisive action to protect animals from such unfathomable harm.


Dear Attorney General William Tong,

The recent discovery of two pit bulls abandoned in Hartford, bearing horrific injuries, has brought to light a chilling instance of animal cruelty that demands immediate attention. Allegedly subjected to a brutal dog fighting ring, these animals suffered immensely, with one’s injuries so severe that euthanasia was deemed the only humane resolution. This case, while singular in its details, reflects a broader issue of animal abuse within our state that cannot be ignored.

The evidence, as shared by Desmond’s Army Animal Law Advocates, points towards a disturbing trend of violence against animals, one that necessitates a stern response from our legal system. The apparent involvement of dog fighting, a felony in Connecticut, further underscores the urgency with which we must act. To effectively combat this scourge, we implore you to advocate for and implement stricter penalties against those found guilty of animal abuse, particularly in cases as egregious as this.

We, the undersigned, demand justice not only for these two pit bulls but for all animals subjected to cruelty and violence. By strengthening our state’s stance on animal abuse, we can deter future atrocities and ensure that perpetrators face consequences commensurate with their actions. Let this case serve as a catalyst for change, heralding a new era of protection and respect for animal rights in Connecticut.

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Photo credit: This Year’s Love


  1. Dog fighting is against the law. America seems a land of laws but No Justice! There is no honor in not having justice for those wronged. Tax payers and every day Americans are getting tired o dogs being discarded like trash. Dogs fight because they are forced to fight yet they are left n the ground without food, water, medicine, and no love or concern. Who are these bastards? Why when this is a federal crime is no one ever to be found? No one is ever dragged to court, tried, and thrown in prison where they belong. Dogs are living, feeling, intelligent beings. God made them too! Find these bastards, go through the legal means to an end for these creeps. Make it as miserable for these creeps as they made the dogs.

  2. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m so sorry these two pit bulls were apparent victims of dog fighting. I hope the savage, low-down perpetrators who abused and abandoned these poor, innocent fur babies are caught and severely punished. RIP to the fur baby that passed on and get well soon to the one who survived. I hope you both get justice.

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    Those poor babies didn’t deserve such an ugly fate. Dog fighters are the filth of the earth. They should all be euthanized!!

  4. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    People have to get these worst injuries.
    Our wildlife is being destroyed/murdered using all the most common means.
    despicable people. despicable society. Pooh

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