Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Subjected to Cruel Witchcraft Accusations

Target: Shamila Batohi, National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP), South Africa

Goal: Punish reported acts of animal cruelty under the guise of cultural beliefs.

A distressing incident surfaced from an informal settlement, shedding light on a seemingly grave injustice against a defenseless canine. According to allegations, the dog was a victim of witchcraft, resulting in its apparently cruel treatment. This alleged act, involving coarse salt and threats of being burnt alive, stands as a stark reminder of the urgent need for legal reforms to protect animals from such barbaric acts.

Further details reportedly reveal the community’s intent to perform an inhumane act, believing it to be a form of justice against supposed witchcraft. Thankfully, intervention by a concerned citizen and the SPCA prevented the act from proceeding. Yet, this alleged incident underscores a pervasive issue of animal cruelty, masked under the veil of cultural practices. It is imperative to address such alleged cruelty with stringent legal actions to ensure no animal suffers under similar allegations.

The necessity for change is clear. Education on humane treatment is crucial but must be reinforced by legal accountability to deter such actions. Demand the implementation of laws that punish animal cruelty, regardless of the justification used. Protect innocent animals from undue harm and ensure they are treated with the respect and kindness they deserve.


Dear NDPP Shamila Batohi,

We bring to your attention a deeply troubling incident involving a dog, accused of witchcraft, and reportedly subjected to cruel treatment by residents of an informal settlement. This act, highlighted by the reported use of coarse salt and threats of a heinous end, is a stark reminder of the urgent need for legal action against such barbaric practices. Allegations of this nature not only endanger innocent animals but also reflect a disturbing tolerance for cruelty.

The community’s belief in such practices, leading to the seemingly cruel treatment of a defenseless animal, necessitates immediate legal scrutiny. Our legal system must respond decisively to punish those who partake in or encourage such alleged acts. The intervention by the SPCA, prompted by a concerned citizen, prevented a potentially tragic outcome; however, this incident should catalyze change. We must ensure stringent enforcement of animal protection laws to deter future acts of cruelty.

We demand that legal measures be taken to address this issue comprehensively. This includes prosecuting those responsible for the alleged cruelty, implementing educational programs to combat superstitions that lead to animal harm, and establishing stronger legal protections for animals. Our society mustn’t turn a blind eye to acts of barbarism under any circumstances.


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Photo credit: Vicki & Chuck Rogers


  1. It is not 1024, it is 2024 and it is past time to drop the ‘religious’ excuse for abusing animals. Call it what it is, backwards and deliberate animal abuse for entertainment. Come into the new world, educate and enlighten your citizens and stop this sadistic cruelty.

  2. Tucker Thomas says:


  3. Think we can cut the bullshit here; they KNEW the dog wasnt bewitched. They simply were getting off on torturing it. ” oh its my culture” what utter bullshit. My culture was hanging drawing(disembowelling while alive) and quartering(slicing them, still alive, into 4 pieces) people for not very much reason, where would we be if we started that up again going “its my culture” what total utter bullshit

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    This is a disgusting, reprehensible thing that cretins claim is their culture. They are just sick animal abusers!!

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