Seek Justice for Animals Allegedly Left Without Food or Shelter at Sanctuary

Target: Gregory J. McCaffrey, District Attorney of Livingston County, Michigan

Goal: Ensure the legal punishment for alleged animal neglect at the sanctuary.

Recent findings unearth a disturbing scenario at The Devoted Barn, where over 25 animals were reportedly subjected to neglect. This sanctuary, nestled in northeastern Livingston County, has become the center of a grave animal welfare case. Allegations suggest a lack of basic necessities such as shelter and food, alongside reports of multiple species crammed into single pens.

Further inquiries reveal that 64 animals, including goats, pigs, donkeys, sheep, a llama, and an alpaca, were seized following a search warrant execution. These animals, now relocated, await evaluation to ascertain the extent of their suffering. Past volunteers and numerous complaints to authorities paint a grim picture of the conditions within The Devoted Barn.

The necessity for legal action stems from the sheer magnitude of alleged neglect. Melissa Borden, the operator, faces charges yet denies the accusations. Despite her defense, the surrender of the animals and the order to cover over $100,000 in care costs speak volumes. Ensure that such alleged disregard for animal welfare meets with strict legal repercussions.


Dear DA Gregory J. McCaffrey,

We bring to your attention a distressing case of alleged animal neglect involving over 25 animals at The Devoted Barn, operated by Melissa Borden. Reports and investigations have led to charges against Borden, highlighting a serious issue within our community regarding the treatment of animals in sanctuaries.

The seized animals, including a diverse range of farm species, allegedly endured conditions devoid of proper shelter and nutrition. The situation, as described by past volunteers and through official complaints, suggests a systemic problem that requires your immediate and decisive action. Borden’s denial of these allegations, despite agreeing to surrender the animals and pay substantial care costs, underscores the need for a thorough legal examination and accountability.

Our demand is clear: we urge you to take swift and effective legal action against the alleged neglect witnessed at The Devoted Barn. It is imperative that our legal system reflects the gravity of such offenses and ensures that all animals receive the care and protection they deserve. We trust in your commitment to justice and the welfare of all beings.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Hayana Fernanda


  1. The Devoted Barn seems to bent so devoted especially by the owner Melissa Borden. Excuses mean nothing. Words are cheap but actions speak volumes. Ms Borden’s actions show accountability. There were little to no actions taken to help these animals locked up at the Devoted Barn. There is trouble here in that $100,000.00 is needed to cover care costs.Obviously these animals received no care at all reflective of the cost of care at this point in time. This woman is accountable and needs to face prison time, not in days but in years. To torture animals like this is without explanation showing no care for life!

  2. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    Justice for these lives. HELL WAITING FOR THE KILLERS.

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    Make this creep pay up, then throw her nasty self in jail for a very long time!!
    I hate hearing things like this. A rescue or sanctuary that is a lie is so sickening.

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