Millions of Dogs and Cats Slaughtered For Meat Deserve Justice

Target: Lê Minh Hoan, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam

Goal: Enforce a comprehensive ban on the dog and cat meat trade, ensuring the protection of animals from brutal slaughter.

In recent investigative findings, a harrowing scenario unfolded, showing dogs and cats in Vietnam subjected to egregious cruelty for meat consumption. Lady Freethinker, an animal rights group, revealed through a probe that millions of these animals, including stolen pets, endure unimaginable terror and pain in Hanoi’s markets. These findings call for immediate and resolute action, aimed at outlawing such barbaric practices.

The investigation portrayed scenes where dogs and cats, some still in collars indicating they were once loved pets, were crammed into cages, witnessing the slaughter of their kin. The horror didn’t stop there; animals were beaten and processed in ways too disturbing to fully articulate, all while alive and fully conscious. Such practices not only reflect extreme animal cruelty but also pose significant health risks to humans, including the spread of rabies and cholera as highlighted by health experts.

It’s crucial, now more than ever, to advocate for change. With growing public sentiment against the dog and cat meat trade in Vietnam, especially among the youth, and the precedent set by South Korea’s recent ban, there is hope. Demand that the government of Vietnam follow through with its previously announced plans to phase out the consumption of dog and cat meat. Ensure the safety and well-being of both animals and humans alike. End this cruelty and enforce a ban on the dog and cat meat trade.


Dear Minister Lê Minh Hoan,

We are reaching out to address a matter of urgent concern, rooted in the recent investigative findings by Lady Freethinker, which showcased the severe and barbaric treatment of dogs and cats in Vietnam’s wet markets. This investigation has laid bare the alarming extent of cruelty animals face, often resulting in a slow, painful demise for the sake of meat consumption. Your office must take decisive action to end this practice, aligning with global standards of animal welfare and public health safety.

The documented evidence suggests that animals, including those that were once part of a family, are subjected to terror and brutality that no living being should ever endure. The public health risks associated with these practices, as warned by the World Health Organization, alongside the heartbreaking cruelty, necessitate immediate legal intervention. It is not only about animal welfare but also about safeguarding human health and upholding ethical standards.

Thus, we demand the immediate implementation of a comprehensive ban on the dog and cat meat trade within Vietnam. This action would reflect a commitment to progress, compassion, and global health standards, marking a significant step forward for the country in the realms of animal rights and public safety. Let’s make this change not only for the animals who suffer needlessly but for the betterment of society as a whole.


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Photo credit: Scott Kinmartin


  1. Not happy just to kill and eat these poor animals,the Vietnamese love to torture them for as long as possible beforehand, which just shows you the mentality of these unspeakable morons who have no right to be called humans. Just an EVIL, SICK and TWISTED race, who will hopefully suffer exactly what their victims endure when they have to answer for their actions, which they most assuredly will. Hell is awaiting them….

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    This disgusting, inhumane practice must be stopped now!! No animal should ever be subjected to the heinous torture and brutality of the dog meat trade.

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