Bear Allegedly Used as Prop for Social Media Content Deserves Justice

Target: Rossa Fanning, Attorney General of Dublin, Ireland

Goal: Enforce strict legal repercussions for the demeaning treatment of wildlife in publicity stunts.

A public figure took to social media, displaying a bear, reportedly demeaned and muzzled, as part of a provocative stunt. This act, reportedly aimed at taunting a rival and igniting controversy, allegedly involves the animal in a manner that raises serious concerns regarding its welfare and the ethical standards surrounding the treatment of wildlife. Such alleged behavior not only subjects the bear to potential distress and harm but also sets a dangerous precedent for public engagement with animals. The incident is believed to have taken place in Ireland’s Dublin, where the Mixed Martial Arts celebrity is based.

Further details of the stunt reportedly reveal the bear was dressed inappropriately and positioned in a way that suggests violence against it. This reported act, while apparently intended to provoke a reaction from a personal rival and a public figure, instead highlights an apparent disregard for animal welfare. Involving an animal in personal vendettas and using it as a prop for social media content trivializes the importance of respecting and protecting wildlife.

The necessity for legal intervention in such cases cannot be overstated. Animals, especially those placed in situations far removed from their natural habitats and behaviors, deserve protection from exploitation and misuse. Penalize the allegedly inappropriate and unethical treatment of the bear involved in this publicity stunt.


Dear Attorney General Rossa Fanning,

A recent event has come to light, allegedly involving the use of a bear in a demeaning manner for a social media stunt. This act, designed to provoke and entertain, instead reveals an apparent disrespect for animal welfare and the ethical considerations of wildlife treatment. Allegedly, the animal was not only placed in an unnatural and potentially harmful situation but was also made a subject of mockery for personal gain and public amusement. The incident is likely to have taken place in Ireland’s Dublin, where the Mixed Martial Arts celebrity is based.

This incident, wherein reportedly a bear was muzzled, dressed in a tutu, and positioned as if subjected to violence, illustrates a troubling trend of exploiting animals for entertainment and personal vendettas. Such alleged acts not only cause unnecessary stress and potential harm to the animals involved but also diminish societal respect for wildlife. We must address and condemn these actions through appropriate legal channels to prevent future occurrences and ensure that animals are treated with the respect and care they deserve.

Therefore, we urge you to take immediate action against the individuals reportedly responsible for this stunt. By enforcing strict legal repercussions for the demeaning treatment of wildlife, especially in publicity stunts, we can send a clear message that such alleged behavior will not be tolerated. We must uphold and enforce laws designed to protect animals from exploitation and abuse, ensuring their welfare and dignity are maintained.


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Photo credit: Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith

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  1. The animals are innocent. It’s the people who are to blame for ALL the torture and harm done to animals! People around the world show us the harm they inflict on innocent animals. What does that say about people? Nothing decent and nothing good.

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