Stray Dogs Allegedly Poisoned and Assaulted Deserve Justice

Target: Vivek Phansalkar IPS, Commissioner of Mumbai Police, India

Goal: Ensure a rigorous investigation of those allegedly responsible for the cruel poisoning and assault of stray dogs in Mumbai.

Mumbai has witnessed an appalling string of alleged cruelty against stray dogs, igniting widespread outrage and sorrow. Reports have emerged of two separate incidents where nine strays fell victim to brutal assaults and poisoning, casting a shadow of grief and indignation across the city. The distressing demise of these innocent animals, including a four-year-old stray named Jai and a lactating mother among eight others, has rallied animal lovers and rights activists, demanding justice and a stern legal stand against such heinous acts.

In the wake of these alleged atrocities, the community’s response has been both heartfelt and determined, with candle-light vigils and marches shedding light on the urgent need for action. Despite the registration of an FIR and the identification of a suspect through CCTV footage, the perceived delays in legal proceedings and a lack of transparency concerning the post-mortem reports have intensified calls for accountability. This situation highlights not only the immediate need for justice for the victims but also shines a spotlight on the broader issue of inadequacies within existing animal cruelty laws.

This petition thus calls for immediate and decisive action. It urges an overhaul of the legal framework governing animal welfare to ensure such acts of alleged cruelty do not go unpunished. The dishearteningly low bail amounts and the possibility of bail for accused individuals only serve to undermine the gravity of these offenses, necessitating a reevaluation of penalties to truly deter such reprehensible behavior. Strengthen the laws against animal cruelty, making crimes non-bailable, or at the very least increasing the bail amount.


Dear Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar IPS,

Mumbai’s heart is heavy with the alleged loss of nine stray dogs to acts of brutality, prompting a unified demand for justice and a call to strengthen the fight against animal cruelty. The details emerging from these incidents paint a distressing picture of violence that cannot and should not be overlooked. The allegations suggest not only a disregard for the lives of innocent animals but also a challenge to our societal values, underscoring an urgent need for action.

The community’s response, from vigils to marches, signals a collective refusal to stand idly by. It also, however, highlights a significant gap in our legal apparatus when it comes to protecting those without a voice. The reported delay in pursuing punitive measures against the suspects, despite available CCTV evidence, and the obstacles encountered in obtaining post-mortem reports are concerning. These challenges point to a deeper issue within our current system, which appears ill-equipped to address and deter such acts of alleged cruelty effectively.

We, therefore, call upon you to ensure that justice is not only pursued with unwavering commitment but that these incidents serve as a catalyst for substantial legal reforms. It is paramount that those allegedly responsible are held to account through a process that reflects the severity of their actions. Additionally, we urge a review and strengthening of animal cruelty laws, with specific attention to bail conditions, to prevent future occurrences of such distressing acts. Let this moment be a turning point, leading to a future where the welfare of all living beings is protected and valued.


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Photo credit: Mitch Altman

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  1. Irene Leggett says:

    The headlines says it all…INDIA again and again. This country truly is becoming one of the most depraved countries on this planet. Its masses are being ‘bred’ with NO compassion, NO integrity, NO decency and certainly NO MORAL ETHICS WHATSOEVER. Shame on these cruel, brutal, sadistic, barbaric masses.

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