End the Cruel Dog Meat Trade Once and for All

Target: Han Dong-hoon, Minister of Justice, South Korea

Goal: Enforce the ban on dog meat trade to protect animal rights and dignity.

In a landmark move, South Korea has taken a firm stance against a practice that has long been a subject of international criticism and ethical debate. The nation’s legislative body, achieving a rare consensus, passed a law aimed squarely at abolishing the dog meat trade. This decision reflects a growing recognition of the inherent rights and sentient nature of animals, marking a pivotal shift in societal norms and values.

Amidst this progressive leap, voices from the dog meat industry have emerged, challenging the legality of the ban. These individuals argue that such measures unjustly rob them of their livelihood and cultural practices, casting a shadow of uncertainty over their future. Despite these protests, the ethical imperative to end animal suffering stands firm, supported by a majority who view this tradition through a lens of compassion and humanity.

The enactment of this ban, therefore, is not merely a legislative action but a moral declaration that the dignity of all living beings must be upheld. It is essential that the government, with the support of its citizens, remains steadfast in implementing these regulations. Honor ethical obligations and pave the way for a more humane and just society.


Dear Minister Han Dong-hoon,

In January, a decisive action was taken by the National Assembly, culminating in the passage of legislation that outlaws the farming, slaughtering, and distribution of dog meat. This decision, reflecting a broad consensus on the matter of animal rights, marks a significant milestone in our nation’s journey towards greater compassion and ethical stewardship. It is a clear acknowledgment of the suffering endured by countless dogs, subjected to conditions and fates that no sentient being should ever face.

The voices opposing this ban, citing concerns over cultural practices and economic implications, have indeed been loud. Yet, the ethical considerations and the collective call for humanity cannot be ignored. These practices, once commonplace, no longer align with the values of a society that respects the sanctity of life and the well-being of all its members, human and non-human alike. It is imperative that we, as a society, evolve and embrace a future that condemns cruelty and champions compassion.

As such, we urge you to ensure the rigorous enforcement of this ban. The laws set forth, promising severe penalties for violations, must be more than mere words on paper; they must be a testament to our commitment to justice and morality. By taking a firm stand against the dog meat trade, we affirm our collective belief in a world where cruelty is no longer tolerated and where the rights of all beings are protected. Let us move forward with resolve and integrity, ensuring that this ban is fully realized and that the plight of these animals is brought to a just end.

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Photo credit: Ed Schipul


  1. Irene Leggett says:

    I’m sorry but I certainly won’t hold my breath waiting for this to actually happen….it appears that there’s NOT an Asian country that doesn’t abuse, torture, horrifically kill and eat dogs (and cats) so until this actually does happen, I’ll just wait and see.

  2. Lesley Rodgers says:

    I agree, many Asians seem particularly disposed to being emotionally deficient and have no compassion towards animals and are extremely cruel. They ignore the irrefutable fact that animals feel pain just like humans and have similar emotions. Humans are, after all, animals as well, even though some people do not want to face that indisputable fact for some irrational reason. To do what they do to animals they must be evil monsters, especially amidst the agonised screams of the puppies, dogs, kittens and cats they torture to death.

  3. The ban wasn’t immediate for the simple reason that the delay would enable those in the ghastly trade to find other means of work or livelihood. So instead of spending their time crying about not being able to torture animals, they should spend it looking for other humane ways to make money.
    There should be no sympathy for these people.

    Next campaign ….. looking at you China.

  4. It seems to me those who take joy in eating dogs, cats, or other companion pets need to pay for their obsession. THe US supplies South Korea monetarily. We do not eat companion animals in the US. You do. Iy’s your decision. Yet, if you are taking assistance from America then you must stop eating dogs and cats. Eat plants like the rest of us if you want to live. ALL meat will not be part of your life for long no matter if you like America or not. If you eat pets then America will not assist you. If you do not allow your people to eat cats and dogs then we will assist you. It’s not a hard decision. It’s you choice.

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