Demand Justice for Starved Dog and Puppies Allegedly Left to Languish in Squalor

Target: Jonathan Storer, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Merseyside-Cheshire, England

Goal: Ensure legal accountability for those accused of leaving a dog and her puppies in dire straits.

In Prescot, a dog named Lilly and her three puppies reportedly faced unimaginable neglect. The innocent animals were allegedly found in a desolate flat surrounded by filth, indicative of months without care. Reports detail a scene of squalor, where Lilly and her surviving puppies languished amidst urine, feces, and their own skin conditions, stemming from severe neglect. Sadly, it appears one puppy’s plight ended beneath its mother, after being mauled and resorted to by the survivors for sustenance. This grim discovery paints a stark picture of abandonment, leaving the animals to suffer gravely.

Further investigations reportedly revealed the pets’ desperate attempts to survive, with chewed tin cans and rubbish scattered around their confined space. Conversations with one of the alleged abandoners, through her social worker, led to claims of transferring Lilly’s care to an unidentified passerby, a story that complicates the rescue efforts. The other party reportedly involved acknowledged ownership and the unplanned nature of the litter, attributing their abandonment to a domestic dispute. This background, while distressing, appears to highlight severe oversight and a failure to provide for the animals’ welfare, underscoring a stark violation of their rights.

This case, emblematic of a broader issue of animal welfare neglect, necessitates immediate and decisive action. Set a precedent that such neglectful and harmful acts towards animals will not be tolerated. Ensure accountability in this case will serve as a deterrent, advocating for the protection and respect of all animals’ rights.


Dear Prosecutor Jonathan Storer,

In light of the heart-wrenching situation allegedly discovered in a Prescot flat, where a dog named Lilly and her puppies were found in conditions no living being should endure, we urge you to take decisive action. Reports indicate this case, marked by squalor and neglect, saw these innocent animals left to fend for themselves in an environment replete with dangers and devoid of care. The evidence, apparently showcasing their survival amidst urine, feces, and rubbish, highlights severe neglect that led to dire consequences, including the tragic death of a puppy.

The individuals allegedly involved have reportedly admitted to their roles in this neglect, albeit too late for the animals who suffered under their care. Their alleged actions, or lack thereof, resulted in unnecessary suffering and a grim fight for survival that no animal should face. This situation not only calls for accountability but also for a broader reflection on our responsibilities towards animals. We implore you to apply the full extent of the law in pursuing justice for Lilly and her puppies, ensuring such acts of neglect receive the legal condemnation they warrant.

By holding those responsible accountable, we send a clear message about the seriousness of animal welfare and the consequences of neglect. This case represents an opportunity to affirm our societal values and commitment to protecting those who cannot voice their suffering. We respectfully request your immediate attention to this matter, advocating for justice and the prevention of future neglect.

[Your Name Here]

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  1. Love to say something would get done, but knowing theres a “social worker” around this asshole flags that its going to be one of those “not my fault, ive got issues” bullshit cop outs as bloody usual. And the scum just go on to do this crap again, because they never have to pay for what they do.

  2. Authorities must do their jobs!! This is most likely NOT these monsters’ first time to ABUSE/KILL animals TO THEIR HORRIFIC DEATHS!! THEY HAVE NO CONSCIENCES AND WILL REPEAT!!

  3. I still feel that someone doing such cruel actions to innocents deserves to suffer the same. Why do these individuals seemingly get off and don’t serve any time in prison? They don’t do a damn thing to help any being but themselves. The law has to get gonads! Make these criminals suffer they way they made others suffer, or do not say there is a law of the land and do not expect for decent citizens to obey the law when others laugh at the law and those who obey it. These people are the trash of society. They are not wanted or needed or sought after but they still exist and do harm with every move they make. They have no fear but they should. Let the law show them why!

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    People like this piece of garbage get away with horrible things like this. The law needs to step up and start doling out severe, harsh punishments for animal abusers. These things will continue to go on until the law starts doing their job to protect innocent animals.

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