Stop Reportedly Torturing Turtles With Undue Stress for Entertainment

Target: Staycee Daines, General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services

Goal: Halt the alleged exploitation of turtles at Brennan’s Irish Pub.

For nearly half a century, Brennan’s Irish Pub in Marina del Rey has hosted bi-weekly turtle races, drawing crowds and bets from patrons. Recently, this tradition has come under scrutiny by animal welfare organizations. They argue that such events allegedly cause undue stress and harm to the participating turtles, turning a night of entertainment into a spectacle of animal exploitation.

During these events, loud cheers and boisterous activities reportedly traumatize the turtles, potentially altering their biological functions. Activists and organizations, including In Defense of Animals, Los Angeles for Animals, and the Los Angeles Animal Defense League, have demonstrated, urging the pub to reconsider this tradition. Despite the pub’s claims of providing a safe environment, with a veterinary technician on staff and a new habitat for the turtles, critics allege that the races still cause significant stress, impacting the turtles’ immune system and overall well-being.

The actions taken by Brennan’s, while steps in a positive direction, reportedly do not fully address the core issue—the alleged stress and potential harm caused to the turtles by these races. Stop exploiting these animals for the sake of entertainment.


Dear Staycee Daines,

The longstanding tradition of turtle racing at Brennan’s Irish Pub in Marina del Rey has recently been highlighted as a significant concern by animal welfare groups. Allegations suggest that the turtles involved in these races experience stress and potential harm, effects that are exacerbated by the loud and chaotic environment of the race nights. Despite the pub’s efforts to create a safer habitat and the presence of veterinary care, these measures reportedly fall short of addressing the inherent stress caused to the turtles during these events.

Experts, including Nick Geist, a professor of biology and turtle biologist at Sonoma State University, have cited the adverse effects of such stress on the turtles’ biology, including their immune system, growth, and reproductive function. The welfare of these animals must take precedence over entertainment and profit. The continuation of this practice, despite its alleged detrimental impact, necessitates your immediate attention and action.

We urge you to investigate these allegations and take the necessary legal steps to prevent any further exploitation of turtles at Brennan’s Irish Pub. Legal intervention is critical in ensuring that entertainment at the expense of animal welfare is halted. We ask for your support in protecting these vulnerable creatures from unnecessary stress and harm.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. A disgusting way to make money at the expense of an innocent animal who is frightened by patrons voices and belongs in the water. He should be confiscated by the humane society and be put in a sanctuary. So sad people are so greedy and soul less.

  2. IS there no way to stop these fools? These are not people who care about anyone but themselves and their pleasures, no matter the cost to others. Is there no way to rid our society of this vermin? Why don’t these cowards pick on people, instead of creatures and why do we allow this abuse to continue?
    There is a cloth bag selling on the market which saison the front of the bag, “I believe animal abusers should be put to sleep!” The more the everyday people feel this abuse continues the angrier this situation will become. America is the land of laws but no justice. Is it our legal system? Maybe our judges? This is a waste which needs to be cleaned up, off our streets and out of our lives.

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    People need to stop exploiting innocent animals for profit. It’s so sickening and disgusting.

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