Cat Allegedly Killed Due to Caretaker’s Neglect Deserves Justice

Target: Ashutosh Dumbre, Commissioner of Police, Thane, Maharashtra, India

Goal: Prosecute and penalize the individual responsible for the alleged neglect and demise of the cat

A cat was allegedly left to perish under the supposed care of a caretaker in Maharashtra’s Thane district in India. This egregious act of alleged neglect has sparked outrage among animal lovers and advocates for animal welfare. The caretaker, entrusted with the well-being of a beloved pet, reportedly failed to fulfill his duty, leading to a tragic outcome.

Further investigation into the matter revealed distressing details. The pet owner, upon returning from vacation, was met with evasion and ultimately, the heart-wrenching discovery of his cat’s remains. Allegations suggest the caretaker’s neglect led directly to the animal’s demise, a scenario that has left the community in shock and seeking answers.

The imperative need for accountability in this case cannot be overstated. Without decisive action, such acts of alleged negligence and cruelty could go unchecked, setting a perilous precedent. Conduct a thorough investigation and bringing the alleged perpetrator to justice.


Dear Commissioner Ashutosh Dumbre,

We reach out to you today, heartbroken and seeking justice for a cat that allegedly suffered and died due to gross neglect by a caretaker in Kalyan township. This incident not only alleges a grave injustice to the animal but also raises serious concerns about the safety and welfare of pets entrusted to the care of others. The details emerging from the investigation, including the reported discovery of the cat’s remains in a foul-smelling gunny bag, are disturbing and demand immediate action.

The trust placed in the caretaker by the pet owner, Bhavin Acharya, was met with alleged deceit and neglect, leading to an irreversible tragedy. This case highlights a broader issue of animal welfare and the need for stringent enforcement of laws protecting them. We urge you to prioritize this case, ensuring that a comprehensive investigation is conducted and that appropriate legal actions are taken against the alleged perpetrator.

In light of the allegations and the evidence presented, we call upon your office to prosecute and penalize the individual responsible for this reportedly heinous act. A clear message must be sent – neglect and cruelty towards animals will not be tolerated, and those responsible will be held accountable. Let us honor the memory of the cat that lost its life by ensuring justice is served.


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Photo credit: Anete Lusina

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