Cat Allegedly Left in Van for Days to Suffer Deserves Justice

Target: Brian D. Seaman, District Attorney, Niagara County, New York State

Goal: Hold those responsible for the alleged abandonment and endangerment of cats to full legal accountability.

A distressing incident in Niagara County, N.Y., reportedly highlighted a severe case of animal neglect that shook the community. A cat, allegedly left to fend for itself in a U-Haul van, endured days trapped within the vehicle. This allegedly harrowing situation unfolded after Marie Hartman, reportedly involved in a previous case with the SPCA, returned the van. The space, reportedly overwhelmed by the stench of cat urine and feces, hinted at the grim reality of abandonment the animal faced. Niagara SPCA’s intervention, prompted by a U-Haul alert, brought this case to light, sparking outrage and a demand for justice.

Further investigation revealed a reported pattern of negligence, as Hartman allegedly had numerous cats under her care in unstable conditions. Reports of cats housed in her Jeep Compass, also discovered to be in poor health, underscored the alleged ongoing disregard for their well-being. Charges were filed against Hartman, including misdemeanor abandonment and interference with officers, marking a critical step toward addressing the alleged mistreatment. This situation raises significant concerns about animal welfare and the responsibilities pet owners must uphold.

The legal system must respond with appropriate measures to prevent such alleged acts of cruelty. This petition seeks to underscore the urgency of stringent legal action. The well-being of animals, vulnerable to neglect and abuse, hangs in the balance. Ensure justice for the cats who suffered needlessly.


Dear DA Brian D. Seaman,

In light of recent events in Niagara County, our community has been confronted with a disturbing case of alleged animal neglect. A cat was reportedly left in a U-Haul van, abandoned and trapped for days under deplorable conditions. This incident, part of a broader pattern of alleged neglect by Marie Hartman, has brought to the forefront the urgent need for legal intervention. The conditions in which these cats were reportedly found—not just in the van but also in Hartman’s Jeep Compass—paint a distressing picture of their daily reality. Allegations of respiratory issues, dental disease, and other health problems among the cats further highlight the dire circumstances.

This situation not only speaks to the alleged actions of one individual but also reflects broader concerns regarding animal welfare and the responsibilities of pet ownership. As such, the legal system must respond with the full weight of its authority. The charges filed against Hartman for misdemeanor abandonment and interference with officers are a step in the right direction, yet we believe that this case warrants further scrutiny and stringent legal action.

We urge you to pursue this case with diligence and resolve, ensuring that justice is served for the cats who were allegedly subjected to neglect and abandonment. The community’s trust in the legal system’s capacity to protect its most vulnerable members—human and animal alike—rests on the outcome of cases like these. Let us set a precedent that affirms our collective commitment to compassion, responsibility, and the rule of law.


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