Seek Justice for Shih Tzus Who Had Ears Chopped Off

Target: Benedicto Malcontento, Prosecutor General of the Philippines

Goal: Ensure the perpetrator responsible for the barbaric mutilation of two innocent Shih Tzus faces stringent legal consequences.

In a distressing incident that has ignited widespread condemnation, a pair of ten-month-old liver line Shih Tzus suffered atrociously in Legazpi City. An individual, yet to be identified, committed an act of unspeakable cruelty, leaving these innocent animals in a severe state of pain and suffering. Such actions strike at the heart of animal welfare, showcasing a callous disregard for life and wellbeing.

Maris Icleo Aguilar, the dogs’ owner, discovered her pets in a deplorable condition, with one dog missing an ear and the other both. This brutal act is thought to have occurred in the absence of any valuable theft, suggesting the dogs were targeted solely for reasons of malice. This incident not only causes irreversible physical harm to the animals but also immeasurable emotional distress to their owner and the wider community. Aguilar’s appeal for assistance with veterinary bills underscores the financial and emotional toll such heinous acts can impose on families.

The necessity for legal action against those responsible for this vile act cannot be overstated. It is a stark reminder of the urgent need to uphold and strengthen the enforcement of animal welfare laws. By demanding justice for Luna and Bonbon, we call for a reaffirmation of our societal commitment to compassion, decency, and the rule of law. Let this petition serve as a clarion call for the immediate and rigorous prosecution of the individual or individuals suspected of this egregious violation of the Animal Welfare Act of 1998.


Dear Prosecutor General Malcontento,

A grievous incident of animal cruelty in Legazpi City has shocked and saddened our community. Two young Shih Tzus, Luna and Bonbon, were found by their owner, Maris Icleo Aguilar, in a state of unimaginable suffering, with their ears cruelly cut off. This act of barbarity not only highlights a profound disrespect for life but also violates the inherent rights of animals to live free from torture and abuse.

The severity of this situation necessitates a swift and decisive response from our law enforcement authorities. Aguilar’s account and the physical evidence observed suggest a deliberate act of violence that cannot be ignored. This petition urges your office to prioritize the investigation into this crime, utilizing all available resources to identify, apprehend, and prosecute those responsible under the fullest extent of the law.

This case represents more than just an act of violence against animals; it is a test of our community’s values and our legal system’s efficacy in protecting the vulnerable. We demand that justice be served for Luna and Bonbon, ensuring that such atrocious acts of cruelty are met with the full force of legal repercussions. By taking a stand today, we affirm our collective resolve to foster a society where compassion and justice prevail for all beings.


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Photo credit: Steshka Willems

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