Stop Allegedly Skinning Pythons Alive for Luxury Fashion

Target: François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering

Goal: Halt the use of python skins in luxury fashion products.

Allegations have emerged about the treatment of pythons used in producing luxury fashion items. An inquiry by an animal rights group, PETA, suggests these snakes endure harrowing conditions on farms in Thailand. This information reportedly highlights the grim reality behind the manufacturing of high-priced accessories.

Allegedly, pythons are bashed with hammers and skinned while still alive to create products for brands under Kering, including Gucci. Investigators claim to have documented these animals struggling immensely during the process, an act that raises significant ethical concerns. This allegedly grim scenario is not isolated but indicative of a broader issue within the luxury fashion industry.

The necessity for change is urgent. Luxury brands hold the power to shift industry standards and promote humane practices. Ask Kering to immediately cease the use of python skins in their products and lead by example, encouraging a move towards more ethical alternatives in the fashion world.


Dear CEO François-Henri Pinault,

Investigations have shed light on deeply troubling practices within the supply chains of the luxury fashion industry, particularly concerning the treatment of pythons. Allegations suggest these sentient beings undergo extreme cruelty for the sake of fashion, notably within farms supplying python skins for your brands. Such revelations prompt an urgent call for action.

The method reportedly used to harvest these skins—where pythons are allegedly bashed, impaled, and skinned alive—is not only barbaric but undermines any claims of sustainable or humane practices. These actions, purportedly for the creation of luxury items such as handbags and belts, allegedly present a stark contradiction to the ethical standards your consumers expect. The reported suffering of these creatures, including being inflated with water to facilitate skinning, casts a shadow over the luxury items produced.

We urge you to reconsider your company’s use of python skins and to lead the luxury fashion industry towards more ethical and sustainable practices. By discontinuing the use of exotic animal skins and investing in humane alternatives, Kering has the opportunity to set a precedent for compassion and innovation. The alleged practices highlighted in recent investigations must prompt a reevaluation of your supply chain ethics. We demand an immediate halt to the use of python skins in your products, advocating for a shift that respects animal welfare and sustainability.


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Photo credit: Francesca Romana Correale


  1. Lori Stearns says:

    STOP!!! WTF?????

  2. These so called fashion icons need mental assistance. Skinning a living being while still alive Sid done to save a penny or two. What should be done is the so called icon needs to step up and be skinned while alive and screaming for mercy, which never comes. How cruel. The shop needs to be closed down. No money at all should. be paid for this manner of skin to be sold. May Hell light the way to the here- after for those involved in this pain. Humans are mostly caring and decent but the few that haunt us are exactly this type of human waste. This is not a human being but human slime.

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