Dogs Allegedly Found Dead in Freezer Deserve Justice

Target: Ryan Mears, Marion County Prosecutor, Florida

Goal: Ensure the alleged perpetrator faces stern legal consequences for the reported animal cruelty

Marion County law enforcement and Animal Services personnel reportedly unearthed a dire situation. Allegedly, 53 dogs were subjected to horrific living conditions, with one reported dead on the scene and more deceased found chillingly within a freezer. This allegedly appalling discovery demands immediate and decisive action.

Further disturbing details emerge, indicating some of the animals required urgent medical attention, underscoring the severity of their alleged neglect. The suspect, Matthew Wayne Keel, faces warrants for his alleged involvement in this cruelty, yet remains unfound. Allegations of 19 counts of animal cruelty and 23 counts of aggravated animal cruelty spotlight the need for swift justice.

The scale of this alleged neglect and the implied suffering of these animals necessitate a strong legal response. Accountability for those implicated in such alleged acts of cruelty is paramount. Seek justice both for these innocent animals and to serve as a deterrent for similar acts.


Dear Prosecutor Ryan Mears,

The recent findings by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Services personnel have revealed a deeply disturbing situation. Allegedly, 53 dogs were discovered in what can only be described as horrific living conditions, with one found deceased and others in desperate need of medical care. The most harrowing detail involves dead dogs allegedly found stored in a freezer, painting a grim picture of the suffering endured.

This case, involving Matthew Wayne Keel, who is reportedly evading law enforcement, calls for your immediate attention and action. With warrants out for his arrest on 19 counts of animal cruelty and 23 counts of aggravated animal cruelty, the legal system must respond with the full weight of its authority. These allegations not only expose the immediate harm seemingly inflicted upon these animals but also reflect a grievous disregard for life and well-being.

We implore you to take decisive action in prosecuting and holding accountable those allegedly involved in this case. This petition represents a collective demand for justice, not just on behalf of the animals directly affected, but as a stand against all forms of animal cruelty. Let this case serve as a clear message that such alleged acts will not be tolerated and will be met with stern legal repercussions.


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Photo credit: JJ Hall


  1. Jail is too good of a sentence for this monster- slowly being tortured to death is a more deserving punishment


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